Aspiring political leaders show their Strength, Optimism and Justice

It was wonderful to see the leadership qualities we strive to instil in all our girls, shine through in three Old Collegians, all of whom were vying for the seat of Boothby in the 2022 Federal Election.

Pathways to Politics

Louise Miller-Frost (’84), Jo Dyer (’87) and Dr Rachel Swift (’98), were excited to visit their old school.

At Seymour, leadership qualities are encouraged, developed and instilled across the College. Whether in an official or informal capacity, we aim to foster the future leaders of our countries, cities, companies and communities. It was then fitting, that all three candidates vying for the seat of Boothby in May’s federal election were Seymour Old Collegians. During election week, Our Women of Seymour breakfast event brought together these three exceptional women, as students, current parents, Old Collegians and staff were invited to hear from Dr Rachel Swift (’98), Louise Miller-Frost (’84) and Jo Dyer (’87).

Although driven by different political agendas, it became evident that each of them held a passion in wanting to make things better for the next and future generations.

It was wonderful to welcome these three outstanding Old Collegians back to Seymour, to inspire the next generation of leaders in our community, because there has never been a more important time to have women of strength, optimism and justice in our world.

Seymour gave me so many opportunities to be whoever and whatever I wanted to be.