Old Collegians living a life of service

Our Women of Seymour breakfast event held in September of 2021, showcased a talented group of Old Collegians working in the healthcare sector.

Helping others through Healthcare 

Our incredibly accomplished panel of women spoke to an engaged audience of students, staff, parents, Old Collegians and Board members, about their careers, pathways, joys and challenges of their work life.

Our College motto Crescam Ministrando, I grow by serving, holds a strong focus within everything that we do at Seymour. Our students learn the value of helping others from the very beginning, which makes it unsurprising that many choose to enter industries and follow careers that involve the betterment of society.

This notion of choosing a vocation that revolves around helping those in need, was certainly personified during this event, as our four Old Collegians told their personal stories. Each having their own unique strengths and achievements, a resounding commonality was the shared passion for helping other women and shining a light on women’s issues.

The individual stories of each Old Collegian also showed that there is no clear pathway to success, as Kathryn says, “I think that my take home message is simply that there are multiple ways to get into a career that you love. Some people will start straight out of school and others will take a longer route and either way is totally okay.”

We look forward to continuing to provide more opportunities for our community to inspire, learn and connect at future Women of Seymour events.

It was fabulous to see so many young women excited about a career in Health.