Emily Baxter is changing the lives of rural families

From Head Boarder in 2016, to owner of her own Speech Pathology practice in 2021, Emily’s story so far is one grounded in serving others.

Then and now

Emily Baxter in Year 9 at Seymour in 2013 and in 2022

Emily Baxter’s journey so far

Returning to Seymour in 2021 during Boarders’ Week, Emily inspired the next generation of Seymour girls to follow their passions.

Graduating from Seymour in 2016, Emily had a clear vision for her future. Being a boarder, she understood the hardships many rural families face, especially in terms of the difficulty in accessing medical services. Equipped with a passion for serving others and an array of crucial skills learnt during her time at school, Emily undertook a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at Flinders University.

As her time at university came to an end, Emily had a decision to make; follow her dream or listen to the those who said she couldn’t. Knowing she was well equipped with a robust resilience and confidence, Emily chose to buck the trend and aged just 21, opened her own Speech Pathology practice, Blossom Rural.

A telehealth-based service, Emily’s practice provides Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services for paediatric clients. Managing everything from the initial consultation, to assessments and therapy, Emily’s approach to business is grounded in finding those who need support the most and providing it.

As Head Boarder during her time at Seymour, Emily encourages today’s Seymour girls to make the most out of the built-up strength and determination that comes with being a Seymour girl.

Don’t let the boundaries and social norms stop you, they were made to be broken by strong women like you!