You want your daughter to grow up knowing she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. You want her to feel empowered to defy gender stereotypes and boldly take on any challenge. An all girls’ education at Seymour College will help her realise every dream.

Why a girls’ school

A passionate advocate for an all-girls’ education

Backed by research and an extensive career spent in both co-educational and single-sex schools, Principal, Vanessa Browning, knows exactly why an all-girls’ education is the best choice for the next generation of confident and strong young women.

Girls should never be afraid to be smart

Being smart is not just ticks and crosses or percentage scores. Smart is having the confidence to pursue opportunities, stand up for what you believe in, make a difference and create the change you want to see. At Seymour College we encourage each girl to explore passions without limits and become smart in her own way.

Learn more about the exceptional achievements of our senior girls and Old Collegians, women who grew up seeing that girls can achieve anything.

Student achievements
Women of Seymour

Seymour College students are confident