Our College wide approach to Service is centred around Justice for people and the world we live in.

Service learning

Service at Seymour

Since our foundation in 1922, Crescam Ministrando – I grow by serving, has been our College’s motto. Service is ingrained within the Seymour culture and through various means of community service, donating, fundraising and daily actions of kindness, helping others is second nature for our girls.

From Reception to Year 12, Service Learning is embedded in the Seymour curriculum, informing our approach to teaching and learning.

We encourage our girls to consider that serving others is not just a transactional process, as the personal benefits gained from helping others are vast.

In the Early Years and Junior Years, there is a strong focus on fostering awareness around the needs of others at home and at school, as well as the environment. Our ‘I grow by serving’ subject reinforces these teachings for our Junior Years students, so by the time they reach Middle and Senior Years, our girls take every opportunity serve those around them.

A message from our Crescam Ministrando Captain

Throughout my Seymour College journey, I have learnt the importance of Crescam Ministrando – I grow by serving. It has been a privilege to be involved in many service initiatives and opportunities, such as volunteering with Edmund Rice Camps, constructing birthing kits for Birthing Kits Foundation Australia and donating food items to St Vincent de Paul. Through these activities and initiatives I have truly discovered my passion for helping others to find their voice.

Currently staff, students and the wider Seymour community actively contribute to many service opportunities, including the Cancer Council Ponytail Project, Hutt Street Centre Walk a Mile in my Boots, Fred’s van, Catherine House and Kickstart for kids. Supporting these important causes and advocating for social injustices is the primary goal for the social justice leader, Gaby, and I in 2023.


Crescam Ministrando Captain 2023

Right: Crescam Ministrando Captain, Kiana (left) and Social Justice Leader, Gabriella (right).