At Seymour College, we proudly embrace our Scottish heritage. Our community immerses itself in our long-standing traditions and enjoys celebrating all that makes our College unique.

School heritage

Then and now

Barr Smith House, formerly Wootton Lea, was built in 1861 and has been the home of boarders, art classes, swimming lessons and Principals throughout the years.

Making a true difference for 100 years

Formerly Presbyterian Girls’ College, Seymour College is proud to be celebrating a century of educating women, whose lives have become the inspiration for those who come next.

Crescam Ministrando – I grow by serving has been the College’s motto since our foundation in 1922, and this guiding philosophy continues to inform the worldview and influence the actions of our students. Service Learning is embedded in our curriculum and our whole school approach is centred around ‘Justice’ for people and the world in which we live.

Proudly celebrating our Scottish heritage and traditions

While we are proud to offer a distinctive Australian education, we pay respect to our rich Scottish heritage and longstanding traditions.

The Seymour College crest is made up of the cross of St Andrew, the thistle and the College motto Crescam Ministrando. Since 1927, the Black Watch tartan has become synonymous with Seymour, following second Principal Isobel Macdonald’s venture to Scotland to personally seek permission from the Commander in Chief of the Black Watch Scottish regiment.

Whilst other schools have houses, our Clan system pays tribute to our Scottish heritage and creates a connection between Clan members that remains forever.

The four Clans of Bruce, Cameron (Wallace, 1927-29), Douglas and Stewart, become families away from home for our girls. The intensity of Clan spirit is something that has to be seen to be believed!

Clan Bruce

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Clan Cameron

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Clan Douglas

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Clan Stewart

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Clan Bruce

Clan colour: White

Origins: Named after Robert the Bruce, King of the Scots from 1306 to 1329.

Birthday: 24 June

Motto: Fuimus – ‘We have Been’

2023 Clan Chief: Matilda

A Message from the Chief: I am incredibly honoured to be Clan Bruce Chief for 2023, the year of Bruce Builders. Being able to represent the Bruce Clan, with Emily and Emily as the Chieftains is a great privilege. We hope to bring our clan together more than ever with a fighting and loving spirit.


Clan Cameron

Clan colour: Yellow

Origins: Named after Donald Cameron, the 19th Chief of Lochiel

Birthday: 21 September

Motto: Strive and Endure

2023 Clan Chief: Abby

A Message from the Chief: Alongside my Chieftains, I am extremely honoured to lead Clan Cameron this year. I am incredibly grateful and proud to have this opportunity to lead such an enthusiastic, kind, and spirited group of girls. During my tenure I hope to support and uplift all the Cameron girls, and I’m so excited for what the rest of the year holds. 

Clan Douglas

Clan colour: Blue

Origins: Named after Sir James Douglas, the Scottish knight and feudal Lord.

Birthday: 19 March

Motto: Jamais Arriere – ‘Never Behind’

2023 Clan Chief: Lily

A Message from the Chief: It is a great privilege to be representing my Clan as Chief alongside my Chieftains for 2023. Having been part of this magnificent Clan since the age of three, I have always cherished the pride, joy and comradery in which I can safely call my second home. I hope to exemplify our Clan’s motto of ‘Never Behind’ and lead the amazing group of girls in it.

Clan Stewart

Clan colour: Red

Origins: Named after the Stewarts of Glenfinnan

Birthday: 19 August

Motto: Virescit Vulnere Virtus – Courage grows strong at the wound.

2023 Clan Chief: Lily

A Message from the Chief: I feel so privileged to lead Clan Stewart as Chief in 2023 and am incredibly excited for the year ahead. Together with my Chieftains, Daisy and Emma, I hope to lead Stewart to success not only in Clan events but also in building on our strong sense of Clan community and comradery. Throughout this year, I look forward to sharing my deep love for the Clan with all Stewart girls.