Overseas Students

Seymour College offers overseas students an outstanding educational experience.

Our Intensive English program ensures that every girl is well prepared and confident in all aspects of language and culture ensuring a quick transition into mainstream classes. Our broad selection of subjects enable students to choose a pathway that is best suited to individual interests and areas of strength. Coupled with the support and guidance of our highly experienced staff, every girl is well placed to thrive at Seymour.

Outstanding boarding facilities are available along with boarding staff who are ready to work with your daughter to make sure she feels safe, supported and a sense of belonging from the first day she arrives on campus.

The College welcomes overseas students from all over the world and we would like to welcome your daughter too.

To book an interview appointment with our Director of Enrolments and Community Relations, Sally Penn, please provide your details here. Interviews can be done by Skype.

Overseas students are welcome to enter the College at any year level. However, we recommend that families enrol their daughters as early as possible in order to allow them time to adjust to the Australian lifestyle and school system, as well as sufficient time to develop their language skills, before the rigours of Year 11 and Year 12.

Overseas Student brochure (English)

Overseas Student brochure (Traditional Chinese)

Overseas Student brochure (Simplified Chinese)

Boarding House brochure (English)

Intensive English Program

Seymour College provides a personalised integration and introduction to education in Australia. This includes Intensive English where required and at the individual level of a student. The English needs of students are assessed using the AEAS and Seymour based testing, allowing us to customise a program to meet individual language acquisition needs. Intensive English tuition is provided on a daily basis.

Students work from their assessed level, extending their understanding of grammar, spelling, structures and general vocabulary. Overseas students attend classes that are less language rich as soon as possible, to ensure academic challenge, language development and relationship building.


Seymour College offers Boarding House and homestay accommodation options for overseas students.

The most popular form of accommodation is the on-campus Boarding House, which provides overseas students with additional study assistance in the evening and the opportunity to make friends with other students from all over Australia and the world.

Seymour College offers Boarding House and homestay accommodation options for overseas students.

The most popular form of accommodation is the on-campus Boarding House, which provides overseas students with additional study assistance in the evening and the opportunity to make friends with other students from all over Australia and the world.


Seymour College offers on-campus boarding facilities for overseas students. Life at the Boarding House is a blend of work and leisure. Quiet periods are set aside for homework and study, and the focus is on a relaxing but disciplined environment.

Students boarding at Seymour have access to the College's many facilities, including the heated swimming pool, playing fields, tennis courts, computer centre, library and sporting complex.


Seymour has partnered with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to provide accredited homestay options that provide overseas students with an opportunity to experience the Australian way of life in a family situation. To find out more or to register, please visit the website of the Australian Homestay Network.


The College is very conscious of the impact of school fees on the family budget, and does all it can to maintain the fees as low as practicable.

Students who are Australian citizens or who have Residency status pay the same fee as Australian domestic students. 

Sibling discount

The following sibling discount applies for sisters attending the College at the same time:

  • 10% discount for 2nd sister
  • 15% discount for 3rd and subsequent sisters
  • 10% discount for 2nd and subsequent sisters

Family allowance arrangement with Prince Alfred College
For families who have children attending both Prince Alfred College and Seymour College a 5% discount of tuition fees is payable by each College.

Fee Schedule

2022 Overseas Student Fee Schedule (English)

2022 Overseas Student Fee Schedule (Traditional Chinese)

2022 Overseas Student Fee Schedule (Simplified Chinese)

Overseas Student Refund Policy

Enrolment procedure

Step 1

To proceed with an application overseas students are required to forward the following:

  • a completed Application Form and application fee;
  • copies of the student’s two most recent school reports;
  • copies of AEAS test results (where applicable);
  • photocopy or scanned copy of passport page with name, photo identification, passport number and expiry date; and 
  • details of the student’s extracurricular involvement.

An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above has been received by the Director of Enrolments and Community Relations, Sally Penn, sjpenn@seymour.sa.edu.au

Step 2

Seymour College will assess the application and assessment procedures including evaluation of reports from previous schools and of English language proficiency.

Having considered all records and any further information which may be requested, the Principal of the College will make the final decision on the acceptance of any overseas students into the College.

Step 3

If a place in the College is available, the College will forward a Letter of Offer which includes terms of enrolment, Confidential Student Information form, Medical Information form, Individual Needs Questionnaire, invoices for payment of the Enrolment Fee (AU$150), the first semester of tuition and boarding fees and indicative fee statement.

It is important at this stage that parents and students understand the following requirements and conditions below. These include:

  • Terms and Conditions of Enrolment
  • Course entry requirements
  • Course information, qualification and assessment practices
  • Fees Schedules and the fact that fees may change
  • Refund Policy
  • Complaints and Appeals Policy
  • Attendance and Course Progress Policy
  • Welfare and Accommodation Policy
  • Grounds for deferring, suspending or cancelling enrolment
  • ESOS Framework
  • Other information as required under 2007 National Code Standard 2
  • College location, facilities and resource
  • Indicative costs of living
  • Uniform
  • Technology Plan

 Step 4

When a place is offered, please ensure the following documents are completed and signed by parents:

  • Signed agreement and that all policies and conditions have been understood and accepted
  • Completed medical information form. It is very important for the College to have full details of any medical or psychological condition that requires medication or medical supervision, and any learning difficulties or special needs a student may have.
  • Individual Needs Questionnaire and Confidential Student Information forms.

 Step 5

Upon receipt of the required documents, signed by both parents, and the associated fees, the College will send you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Certificate (eCoE) which is required for your daughter’s application for a Student Visa.

 Step 6

The Student can now apply for a Student Visa with the appropriate Australian Immigration Office. 
Note: Information about Student Visa Subclass 500, application forms and how to apply can be found at the website of the Department of Home Affairs.

 Step 7

Once the student visa has been approved, the student can begin to make arrangements to travel to Adelaide and advise enrolments@seymour.sa.edu.au

 Step 8

Arrive in Adelaide. If a student has requested an airport pick up, they will be greeted at the airport by either Seymour College staff or their host family. 

Why study in Adelaide?

For over 170 years Adelaide has had a tradition of education excellence. The city has produced over 100 Rhodes Scholars and three Nobel Laureates.

Adelaide is a cosmopolitan city but importantly, it is also safe, respectful and very inclusive.

The living is easy! Adelaide has been called the world's most contented city. It has a vibrant calendar of international festivals and cultural activities.

An authentic Australian experience: South Australia is everything you might imagine this huge continent to be. The state is larger than Texas, it has 5000 km of coast, and the interior is home to rolling hills, sheep stations, vineyards, gold mines, salt lakes, ancient mountain ranges and the mighty outback deserts. And those famous koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and platypuses.

Further information about study opportunities in Adelaide can be obtained from the Study Adelaide website.

Overseas Representatives

Seymour College has registered the following overseas representatives to assist parents and students with the assessment, enrolment and visa processes.



Hong Kong

  • Da Di Overseas Studies Service Centre
    Contact: Gini Chung (gini.chung@dadi.com.hk)

South Korea