Seymour’s teaching staff are at the forefront of educational progress; pioneering world-class teaching and learning environments for our students every day.

Our teachers   

Meet Year 1 classroom teacher, Katherine Dunning.

From the day their Seymour journey starts, our carefully selected teaching staff ensure our girls (and boys in the Early Years) simply love to learn. Bringing together the best and brightest educators who are passionate advocates for an all-girls education, means that our students are perfectly placed to fulfill their potential.

Meet some more of our educators below.

A lifelong love of learning is something each of our teachers aim to instil within every Seymour girl.

High quality teachers, high achieving students

Our Quality teachers video series showcases a selection of our dedicated and enthusiastic educators, who bring to Seymour a variety of skills, knowledge and backgrounds to deliver the high standard of teaching we uphold.


Meet our Head of English and SACE, VET and Academic Coordinator, Ramon Bartholomeusz.

Food technology at Seymour

Meet Biology teacher, Nicky Harding.

Meet our Head of Mathematics, Lauren Mazzarolo.

Meet our Middle and Senior Years teacher, Katy McCann.

Meet Acting Head of Junior School, Rebecca Stevens.

Meet our Junior Years Design and Visual Arts teacher, Emma Petersen.