Technology Plan

At Seymour College, we are committed to preparing our students for leadership in an increasingly complex digital world and, as part of that, supporting the development of their skills of digital citizenship.

There is no doubt that 21st century learning is increasingly complex, global and networked, and our challenge as educators is to prepare students, using innovative solutions that provide personalised learning, wherever possible. With this in mind, the educational one-to-one initiative at Seymour College is designed to see students thrive in an information-rich world and, importantly, is focused on improving students' ability to think critically.

We understand that access to contemporary technology for learning is a vital first step: access to digital information, tools and resources from anywhere, at any time, can lead to a learning process that is characterised by deeper engagement and understanding, and the employment of higher order critical thinking skills. Such an environment reflects the world our students inhabit: a world which integrates today’s digital tools, adapts to individual learners (their style, pace and interests) and encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Technology Plan Overview

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