Seymour's Frameworks

Seymour Learning Framework

Learning framework

The nine domains of the Seymour Learning Framework articulate the mindsets and dispositions that we wish to develop in each of our girls in their journey from the Early Years to Year 12.

As learning is a lifelong endeavour, our overarching objective is for a Seymour Girl to be self-aware and reflective about her strengths and weaknesses in these domains. Our teachers, coaches and instructors work individually with each girl, using these nine domains to personalise the classroom experience.

Seymour GIRLbeing Framework


We understand the complex world that our young women are growing up in. To flourish as a young woman of strength, optimism and justice, ready for the future, we see these nine domains of ‘GIRLbeing’ as being so important.

These are the qualities we strive to develop in each of our students; they are, most of all, the attributes we strive for in a Seymour Girl. Our tailored, age-specific “Strength, Optimism and Justice” curriculum program aims to cultivate these skills in each of our students, developing strong hearts and mind.

Seymour Service Learning Framework

Service Learning framework

Crescam Ministrando (I grow by serving) is the College Motto and defines the core of the Seymour College ethos and values. Our Service Learning program is well-known throughout Adelaide as providing real, transformational community service opportunities for our girls.

Students in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools have defined, age-appropriate opportunities to grow by serving in activities that are local, national and international in nature. A Seymour Girl wishes to contribute selflessly to her community and Australia and further afield.