Seymour Early Years

 Seymour Early Years offers a rich learning environment for children from 6 weeks to school age. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood education.

We believe that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial to their development and their connection to their world and their strong sense of self.

The beautiful purpose-built Early Learning is an environment which welcomes children and families.

The learning journey takes children through specially designed learning spaces - carefully created to cater for the needs and development of different ages.

KADY: 'Rhythmic flow of sounds' - a safe and gentley space for children to flourish
The Kady learning space has two areas for infants and toddlers from six weeks of age to three years old.
The Kady group caters for our youngest learners. Our aim is to create a learning space that is a continuation of the home environment, where children feel safe and are loved, cared for and nurtured.

ENYA: 'Jewel' - a child's opportunity to sparkle.
The Enya learning space is open for three year olds.
The Enya program is a natural transition from the Kady group. Children in this group discover, explore and create as they develop independence and learn to be an active member of their community.

AINSLEY: 'Meadow' - a time when branch out further afield.
The Ainsley learning space for four year olds. (Kindergarten)
Our Ainsley children further develop their relationships and more complex thinking, communication and language skills. These children are developing a deeper understanding of their world and the impact they have upon it.

ALLOWAY: A village of learners.

The Alloway learning space for girls from four years old.
Alloway provides a rich play based learning environment to meet the needs of each girl and a supportive transition to school. This dynamic educational program will continue to open the world of learning through the PYP in  Seymour Early Years model and inspire a passion for lifelong learning through deep investigations.

Children in Kady/Enya attend minimum two days per week
Children in this Ainsley/Alloway attend a minimum of three days per week in a 'kindergarten' program and precursor to school.

Our Centre
 Seymour Early Years is licensed with the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration and Standards Board of South Australia (EECSRSB) with a capacity for providing for 130 children per day.

A requirement of being an approved long day care service is that we follow the Australian Government’s “Priority of Access Guidelines”, when there is a waiting list or a number of parents are applying for a limited number of vacant places.
Eligible residents of Australia may be entitled to receive a government subsidy (childcare benefit) which assists with their childcare fees. Eligible families may also be entitled to a 50% rebate on the out of pocket childcare fee expenses. To obtain more information about the Priority Guidelines and childcare benefits you will need to contact the Department of Human services office on 13 61 50 or visit the website

Our opening hours are 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. We operate for 48 weeks of the year with a 4 week annual closure period during the Christmas holiday period.

Meals are lovingly prepared on site by our cook, catering for all ages. Following a carefully planned Healthy Eating and Food Safety program all the meals are healthy, nutritious and delicious! The meals are enjoyed in the open café and families are emailed a copy of the menu each week. 
Our Alloway children prepare for their transition to school through the includsion of our lunchbox program.

Caring Staff
Our staff are all early childhood specialists, committed to providing the highest quality programs for all children. They have the skills and knowledge to support the children’s learning, health, safety and wellbeing.
All staff engage in collaborative planning and profession development to achieve the highest outcomes.

All children attending the 3 and 4 year old learning space are required to wear Seymour Early Learning uniform, which can be purchased from the Seymour College shop.
• Striped polo
• Green shorts
• Track pants
• Rugby top
• Slouch hat
We encourage children to wear comfortable shoes which support growing feet and allow them to play, run and climb.

Bookings are permanent and a 10 weeks notice must be given in writing to change the booking.
Minimum weekly attendances applies as follows:
Kady minimum two days
Enya minimum two days
Ainsley minimum three days
A vacation care program is offered for holidays to support working families.

Families are invoiced each fortnight.
Kady (Infants and Toddlers) $130 per day
Enya (three year olds) $112 per day
Ainsley (four year olds) $112 per day
Casual sessions are charged at an additional $10 per day.
Public holidays will be charged at the normal daily rate.
Alloway (Four year girls) $85 per day term time only.
Addition care is available in the Alloway room and is charged accordingly
Sunrise Program 7.00-8.30am $25
Sunset Program 3.30-6.00pm $30

To promote and provide a safe environment for all our children and staff  Seymour Early Years has full Immunisation as a condition of enrolment. Parents who wish to enrol their child are required to provide a current Immunisation History Statement in accordance with the National Immunisation Program.

Continued Education at Seymour
If you would like your daughter to continue at Seymour College from Reception onwards, a separate enrolment application must be completed. The application can be downloaded here or please call the Enrolments office 8303 9000.

Further enquiries can be directed to:
Mrs Susan Lock
Director,  Seymour Early Years
Phone 8303 9040

Seymour Early Years 2017 Fee Schedule

Alloway 2017 Fee Schedule

Waitlist for Enrolment for  Seymour Early Years

Individual Needs Questionnaire - which must accompany the Waitlist for Enrolment form for  Seymour Early Years

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