Pastoral care

In the Senior School, the students of each Clan are placed in vertically grouped forms, under the care of a Form Teacher who is closely associated with her Clan. This differs from the horizontal Form structure of our Middle School.

Students remain in this group for their time in our Senior School, building a close relationship with their Form Teacher over this period.

The mix of year levels in each Form facilitates interaction amongst all Senior School students and creates a situation which reflects more closely the reality of tertiary institutions and the workplace, where individuals tend not to be so rigidly grouped as an age cohort.

The Clan Guardian of each Clan has a coordinating role in the pastoral care of the Senior School students in her Clan, adding another level of care for each student, in support of the Form Teacher and the Dean of Wellbeing. The Head of Senior School provides an overview of each girl’s progress. To further support students and parents, the College employs two Student Counsellors and a Careers Counsellor. The Dean of Teaching and Learning, IBDP and SACE Coordinators assists students with academic counselling and supports each girl’s opportunity to find the path she needs as she transitions into life after school.

In the Senior School we are focused on building resilient and optimistic young women with the social and emotional skills to flourish in life at school and beyond.