Career education

Seymour is committed to an extensive Careers Education program. From Year 10 onwards, students are encouraged to discover as much as they can about vocations of interest to them. As part of the Personal Learning Plan, students develop knowledge of the workplace and its current issues, career self knowledge, occupational investigation and workplace transition skills.

Towards the end of Year 10, students spend at least one week on work experience in the wider community, and are responsible for arranging this with the help of our Careers Counsellor.

In Years 11 and 12, students are encouraged to seek further work experience during vacations. All Year 12 students have individual appointments with the Careers Counsellor to discuss their tertiary or vocational aspirations, and all students are guided through the tertiary application process.

At Seymour our students are not only supported in their pathways to tertiary and employment opportunities, but they are building skills to recognise and develop their strengths and passions. Our students are encouraged to use these passions to deepen their curiosity and at Seymour we aim to encourage in each student an enthusiasm for life–long learning.