Senior School

The Seymour Difference

We recognise that girls in the Senior School (Years 10–12) are growing in maturity and independence. Preparation for life beyond secondary school is a key focus for this stage of our students’ lives. Our approach includes a wellbeing pathway that encourages resilience and personal development, and an academic pathway that promotes excellence in scholarship.

Each child’s learning journey is individual and our programs are flexible to meet these needs. We welcome parents to join us for a discussion on how we can engage, challenge and build confidence in their daughter. A tour of the College is a great place to start.

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The wellbeing program includes courses in personal development, support from all staff, and close contact from Form teachers, Head of School, Dean of Wellbeing, and College Counsellors, as well as their Clan Guardians. 

Similar to a house system, the Clans promote strong connections and a sense of belonging. In the Senior School, the students of each Clan are placed in vertically grouped Forms, which creates a bond between girls across age cohorts. These structures are focused on building resilient and optimistic young women with the social and emotional skills to flourish in life.

Seymour provides a rich and vibrant education with immense opportunities created by the diversity of our offering. This includes excursions and Outdoor Education. For example, The Flinders Experience in Year 10 assists the girls to foster strong relationships; to enhance their ability to relate to others, to themselves and to the natural world around them.

The College motto, Crescam Ministrando: I grow by serving, is expressed through both service and advocacy, and our mission is to foster young women of strength, optimism and justice. 

We have a global focus, and each year a group of senior students travel to India to connect with our partner communities and participate in a Service Program, assisting children and young women with disabilities. The Sarvodaya India trip is always a highlight of the girls’ experience at Seymour, opening their eyes to their relative privilege and inspiring them to want to make a difference in the world. 

Locally, our students focus on service to our extended community, each Year 11 girl participates in a week of Service Learning calling Yungkurri-apinthi. This program enables each girl to find her own personal way to serve others. In addition, students support the Mary Magdelene Centre by serving meals on Saturday nights during the school year. Seymour girls actively advocate for global change through United Nations Youth, the WonTok Youth Poverty Conference, the Indigenous Focus Group and many other organisations. Sharing and reflection after each of these opportunities enables our girls to recognise the importance of service in a full and meaningful life. 

We help our students to flourish as learners and as people. Our academic results are exceptional, and we have an inspired College community of teachers, support staff, Old Collegians and parents who are committed to helping our girls reach their potential across a vast range of subjects and co-curricular activities.

Seymour inspires within each student a passion for lifelong learning, a celebration of community and a quest for personal excellence that sees our graduates assume leadership roles around the globe. From excellent academic results to brilliant successes in a wide range of endeavours, Seymour girls have an enviable record of achievement, not to mention confidence in themselves. 

When asked to sum up what she learned at the College, one recent graduate simply said, “Seymour taught me that girls can do anything.”


Seymour offers a flexible curriculum that supports Senior School students to achieve their goals and ambitions. A broad variety of subjects is offered at each year level in the Senior School, giving girls the opportunity to choose a course of study that caters for her individual talents.

Seymour prides itself on offering a wide array of subjects that cater for scientific and mathematical pathways as well as more humanistic, cultural and social pursuits. Our graduates are well equipped to successfully approach tertiary study in any discipline. 

Seymour College offers two certification pathways in Years 11 and 12.

  • the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
  • the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Students can also undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) options to augment their studies.

The SACE is an internationally recognised certificate which gives students the flexibility of choosing a course of study appropriate to their interests and abilities. Students complete a range of subjects including literacy and numeracy options.

The IBDP is a two-year educational programme where students must complete a set range of subjects. This is an international programme recognised by Universities globally.

On completion of Year 12, students are able to select a variety of post-school options or employment. The majority of students at Seymour College choose tertiary study following their Senior School studies.

The Senior School has a proud record of achievement, with the majority of students continuing to tertiary study, and outstanding academic results.

Our 2016 Results

• The median ATAR achieved was 91.5
• 9 students (10%) were in the top 1% nationally, with an ATAR of 99+
• 17 students (18%) were in the top 2% nationally, with an ATAR of 98+
• 34 students (37%) were in the top 5% nationally, with an ATAR of 95+
• 51 students (55%) were in the top 10% nationally, with an ATAR of 90+

A Positive and Progressive Education

Seymour has embraced the principles of positive education and is an educational leader in using these to enhance the girls’ self-efficacy, personal development and learning. Evidence-based research confirms that positive emotions play a vital role in strongly connecting learning and wellbeing. We know that learning is more likely to occur when students feel safe, supported and encouraged, so we embrace a positive mindset to assist students to maximise their learning potential as well as their resilience. 

While the College celebrates a long, rich history and tradition, we are also forward thinking. All staff are experts on current learning research and this informs all our interactions with the young women in our care. Our students are focused on 21st century skills and competencies. They understand the mind and how it works, that effort influences success, that resilience and grit bring rewards. All this equips them to greet their futures confidently, as women of strength, optimism and justice.

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