National and Global Engagement

Trips, Tours and Exchanges

In our ever-shrinking world, it is essential that young people develop global and cultural awareness, as well as an appreciation of the many and varied opportunities within Australia. Recognising the importance of a relevant and connected experience, Direction 4 of the College Strategic Plan identifies the goal of ‘Engagement with the world beyond our campus.’

Aligning with the College GIRLbeing (wellbeing), Learning and Service Frameworks Seymour provides a range of deliberate and purposeful trips and tours which enable girls to meaningfully connect with life beyond the College. Through participation in these activities, girls develop international competence, an appreciation of cultural diversity and a connection that transcends national and geographical boundaries.

Girls are encouraged to participate in the various recreational trips, cultural tours, immersions and exchanges that are offered.

Opportunities include:

Reciprocal Exchanges

  • St Catherine’s School, Sydney
  • Ruyton Girls' School, Melbourne
  • St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School, Brisbane
  • Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland, New Zealand
  • York House School, Vancouver, Canada
  • St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh, Scotland


  • French Tour and School Exchange
  • China Tour and School Exchange
  • CASE Senior Space School
  • CASE Junior Space School


  • Ski Trip (biennial)
  • Outdoor Pursuits Trip (biennial)


  • Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier

Service Trips

  • Cambodia Service Tour


  • Australian Rowing Championships

Trips and Tours are reviewed annually with opportunities added as specific activities or events arise.

Information about trips and tours is provided to students and parents via Seymour's online system, SOCS and via the Daily Notices. Girls are usually invited to indicate their interest in the months prior to the trip and on occasions, a non-refundable deposit is requested to secure a place.

All trips and tours are paid for by the participants.

Please contact Rosie Lake, Dean of National and Global Engagement, via email at or call 08 8303 9000 for more details.