Study tours and camps

Recognising that learning takes place within and beyond the classroom, Seymour College offers Middle School students a number of study tours and outdoor education camps.

These provide students with positive experiences and enjoyment, and assist in developing diverse skills and knowledge through exposure to different learning opportunities and environments.

At Year 6, students participate in a 3-day outdoor education camp which focuses on outdoor environmental activities, and coastal and indigenous studies, as well as a study tour to Ballarat where the girls revel in the opportunity to relive history and experience life in a gold mining town.

Year 7s also have two such opportunities. The Year 7 outdoor education camp has an adventure focus, with students engaging beach challenges, surfing, abseiling and cycling. They experience minimal impact camping skills and cook on a Trangia, a light-weight fuel stove.  An integral part of the Year 7 Civics and Citizenship studies, the Year 7 study tour to Canberra focuses on the Australian system of government and Australian history.

Similarly, two such opportunities exist at Year 8 level: their outdoor education camp has a major emphasis on aquatic activities, including canoeing, kayaking, small boat handling, sailing, rowing, knee boarding and water skiing.  An orientation and personal development camp focuses on issues of self-esteem, friendships and rights and responsibilities.

Scott's Creek, Morgan, is the venue of the Year 9 outdoor education camp. Set on the Murray River, this venue is ideal for adventure activities and has a strong outdoor emphasis. Students participate in a canoe expedition, undertake camping, Trangia cooking, the base camp ropes/climbing course and team challenges provide excitement and reward.