ExPO – exchanges, partnerships, opportunities

In our ever-shrinking world, it is increasingly important that young people develop global and cultural awareness, as well as an appreciation of the many and varied opportunities within Australia. Girls are encouraged to participate in the various recreational trips, cultural tours, immersions and exchanges that are offered by the College.

ExPO offerings includes:

Cocurricular and Recreational Trips

  • Music
  • Cultural
  • Outdoor Expeditions
  • Ski Trip

Reciprocal Exchanges

  • Ruyton Girls’ School, Victoria: Year 8
  • St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, Brisbane: Year 8
  • Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland: Year 9
  • York House School, Vancouver: Year 9
  • St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh: Year 10

Language Immersion and Partnerships

  • Individual exchanges
  • Group tours

Service Partnerships and Tours

  • Salwan Public Schools, India
  • Sarvodaya India: Year 10 and 11
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