Middle School

Seymour offers an outstanding Middle School program for Years 6–9. In this vital stage of development, the Middle School empowers girls to foster positive relationships with all members of the community and build a strong sense of self-worth and character.

The Middle School embeds the development of wellbeing in the curriculum and throughout all learning experiences to assist students to achieve both academic and personal success. 

Our students have the confidence to navigate change, a positive self-image and a deep curiosity to learn more; not just about the world, but about themselves.

We encourage the girls to take ownership of their learning, to be reflective, critical and creative thinkers.

As the girls progress through the Middle School, so does their ability to self-regulate and to be their own advocates. In essence, we are teaching them the foundation skills for a lifetime of learning.

Their personal journey will be as individual and unique as they are. 

You can download your copy of the Middle School Adventure brochure here.

The Middle School Adventure

Seymour College provides a unique curriculum pathway for girls in Years 6–9. The Middle School Adventure applies an individualised framework to each year level: Explore. Experiment. Enterprise. Empower.

To learn more about The Middle School Adventure, please click here to download our brochure. 

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Year 6: Explore

Year 6 girls are encouraged to explore both the traditions of Seymour College and our contemporary curriculum, centred around the two super-subjects STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and GEM (Global studies, English and Media). 

Year 7: Experiment

Our Experiment framework encourages girls to think critically and creatively, to ask questions and then design ways to find answers. 

Year 8: Enterprise

The Enterprise Framework encourages student to consider real problems, ideate solutions, create prototypes and then test these solutions with authentic audiences.

Year 9: Empower

All students in Year 9 undertake The Rite Journey program, a structured program that recognises the need for young adolescents to be given specific education and learning opportunities to ready them for adulthood. In this program, we empower students to make a difference in their world.

2018 Middle School Curriculum Guide