Middle School

The Seymour Experience

Seymour offers an outstanding Middle School program for Years 6–9. In this vital stage of development, the Middle School empowers girls to foster positive relationships with all members of the community. They build a strong sense of their self-worth and character using the principles of positive education to develop PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaningful life, Accomplishment).

Each child’s learning journey is individual and our programs are flexible to meet these needs. We welcome parents to join us for a discussion on how we can engage, challenge and build confidence in their daughter. A tour of the College is a great place to start.

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The Middle School embeds the principles of positive psychology in the curriculum and throughout all learning experiences to ensure that students achieve both academic and personal success. Everyone at the College, from the Form teachers, Year 8 and 9 Guardians, Counsellors, Head of School, teachers and support staff, make it their responsibility to reinforce a nurturing, positive environment that supports the students to be their best.

This means that they have a confident ability to navigate change, a positive self-image and a deep curiosity to learn more; not just about the world, but about themselves. We encourage the girls to take ownership of their learning, to be reflective, critical and creative thinkers.

As the girls progress through the Middle School so does their ability to self-regulate, and to be their own advocates. In essence, we are teaching them the foundation skills for a lifetime of learning. Their personal journey will be as individual and unique as they are.

We believe it is essential that all the students have a strong sense of connectedness. Our unique Clan system helps the girls establish these bonds. Their allegiance to a Clan promotes strong connections as the girls gain a sense of belonging through their contribution to their Clan.

The girls’ sense of community and relationships is further supported by our Buddy System, where Year 9 girls are buddies to the Year 6 girls. These relationships endure throughout their schooling. All girls are made to feel welcome and included, given opportunities to participate widely and encouraged to become their best.

We see leadership as being a vital skill and experience all our girls should have. Middle School students are encouraged to develop leadership skills, especially in their relationships. Every Form class offers leadership positions and there are many opportunities for girls to be involved in leadership through the Environment Committee, Student Representative Council, Music, Sports and Service.

Our College motto Crescam Ministrando: I grow by serving, is an inspiration to motivate service to others. This is our central vision, to prepare girls for a bright future as women of strength, optimism and justice.

Preparing for the Future

The Middle School forms a very important phase between the Junior and Senior School and we help girls to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood.

As the girls move through the Middle School they move from high levels of support in Year 6 to greater levels of independence in Year 9. We offer a broad range of subjects in a rigorous curriculum. The girls enjoy a range of experiences before specialising in the Senior School, including Art, Home Economics, Music, Chinese (Years 6–9) and French (Years 8–9).

We aim to produce curious, courageous, critical and creative thinkers. Seymour develops students who are capable of assessing and regulating their own learning – they are visible learners. We teach study habits including goal planning, self-regulation and revision techniques.

Everything we do fosters the quality of resilience in the girls, so they can flourish and be their best. This happens both in the classrooms and also through off campus experiences, such as a range of study tours, exchanges and camps that allow the students to be challenged and develop personal strengths.

Seymour offers a College that is rich with tradition, but very forward thinking in its outlook. Our aim is to deliver high quality education for each student, to nurture all students and to help them develop a positive sense of self. The Middle School is rightly focused on fostering wellbeing and self-critical thinking skills to prepare our girls for bright futures as women of strength, optimism and justice.

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