Middle and Senior School Co-Curriculum

At Seymour College we have a proud and long tradition of excellent academic results, and a rich co-curricular offering. We believe in an holistic education, developing women of strength, optimism and justice.

Download an overview of our co-curricular program for 2017 here.

This document stands as testament not only to our diverse and challenging offering, but also to our commitment to providing opportunities for our girls to stay physically fit, work with others towards a shared goal, and grow in character.

We learn many of our most profound and lasting lessons in co-curricular activities, where we can win with grace and lose with dignity, where we have opportunities to work productively with others and be part of a team, where we get the chance to master a skill, enjoy a personal best or dig deep to find the ways to overcome a hurdle, tackle a challenging musical piece, celebrate a success and take critical advice. Each of these events are character building. These are profound learning opportunities, and each allows her to build resilience and shape her character.

The co-curricular program document outlines our offerings in Sport, Creative and Performing Arts, Clubs and Activities, and Exchanges, Partnerships and Opportunities, and therefore outlines all of the ways that your daughter can challenge and reward herself. I encourage you to read and discuss these opportunities with your daughter, helping her to plan her time and commitment, so that she can maximise the opportunities that Seymour has to offer her.

Whichever sport, club or activity your daughter chooses, I am confident that she will receive expert coaching, tuition, encouragement and support which will reward her. Our co-curricular programs are designed to allow casual participation for those that simply want to give something a try, while also giving elite performers the opportunity to reach even greater heights.

We have also made significant changes to our coaching model, increasing staff involvement in training and matches, and engaging more specialist and Old Collegian coaches. In addition, we have also streamlined our training and practice calendar for 2016, to allow girls and parents opportunities to more carefully plan their week.
Should you have any questions about the following information, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any of the senior staff listed as having responsibility, so that we can help you.

I hope you enjoy the offering, and look forward to seeing you on the sideline, or in the audience of whichever activity your daughter chooses to become involved in.

Dan Walker
Deputy Principal

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