Mid-Year Reception Class at Seymour College Junior School

Reception learning

The early years of learning are very significant periods of growth for young children. From a young age, every child is an active, engaged learner and early learning experiences are vital in shaping their cognitive, social and physical development.

Most importantly, these early experiences deeply influence how children feel about learning, and how they see themselves as learners. We think the energy and enthusiasm of the very young should be nurtured to help them achieve maximum, individual development. It should be a wonderfully stimulating and challenging time.

Our vision

At Seymour College, our vision of Reception sees all children as competent and capable. Our curriculum responds to the needs and interests of each child. We believe that our youngest students come to school with a great amount of knowledge and an innate desire to continue learning.

The Reception classrooms at Seymour are enriching environments. Every child is valued and cared for as an individual. Early literacy and numeracy skills are introduced. Exploration and discovery learning are key strategies in our wonderfully holistic program.

‘Almost ready’

SA State legislation, introduced in 2014, rules that children born after 30 April in the year they turn five must wait to begin school in the following year.

This can be a quandary for some parents because their pre-Reception child might be ‘almost ready’ for the next step in their learning journey. These children may need additional learning challenges and an extended transition into the more formal schedules of school.

Mid-Year Reception intake

To support these children, Seymour College Junior School offers a mid-year intake into its Reception year in Semester 2, 2017.

This Mid-Year Reception class, catering for girls who turn five between 30 April and 30 June, begins full time attendance at school in Term 3.

This will enable students to experience three semesters (18 months) of our Reception program, instead of the traditional two semesters (12 months) and will provide young students with individually appropriate learning challenges that will differ from their current Seymour Early Years program. It will provide a challenging, nurturing environment that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Sally Penn, Director of Enrolments on 8303 9000 or email