Pastoral Care

We recognise that every students' emotional wellbeing, including their growing sense of self and others, their defining of their place within the world, and their developing independence and resilience, has a direct impact upon their academic learning and intellectual growth. We strive to ensure that every girl feels recognised as a valuable member of our community and is able to achieve her full potential in every aspect of school life. 

Our small class sizes give every teacher, and member of our administrative and support staff team, the opportunity to get to know every girl, her strengths, individual needs and uniqueness very quickly. As a community we place a great deal of value on learning, looking after one another, working hard, being the best we can be and most importantly being happy. First and foremost we want our girls to be happy at school. Happy girls can achieve their very best. They connect positively with others and are able to face life's challenges with grit and determination.

A range of social and emotional learning programs including Program Achieve, Bounce Back and Life Education support our Junior School Personal Development framework. This framework works to help students develop and strengthen self-esteem, motivation and resilience.

The College's full time Counsellors support these social and emotional programs, working with classes and/or individuals as required. They work collaboratively with class teachers to support students' relationship building, organisation, communication and life skills. They are also able to offer additional advice and support for students and parents when needed.