Students in all year levels are given many opportunities to develop skills in responsible leadership. With a focus on "servant leadership", all students are encouraged to see themselves as leaders and to recognise that at times we are required to lead, and at other times to support others in their leadership.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

A new Student Representative Council is elected each semester, with two representatives from each class. The Year 5 representatives are the leaders of the Council, and meetings are held fortnightly.

A special assembly is held each semester to induct the representatives into their position and receive their badge of office.

Class Responsibilities and Roles

Further promoting our belief that each community member has a responsibility to lead at times, each class has specific roles and responsibilities which are shared amongst all students throughout the year.

Year 5 Leaders

Our Year 5 students accept a range of leadership responsibilities, within our Junior School community, as part of our extensive leadership development program. A combination of intra and inter-school leadership learning days enable the girls to ascertain, acknowledge and embolden their personal character strengths as well as providing opportunities for them to explore their own understanding of leadership. At a leadership induction ceremony early in the year, where each girl is presented with her Year 5 Leadership badge, the girls make a promise to the rest of the Junior School to demonstrate respect, determination, perseverance and courage in their role modelling of our Seymour values. Whether leading our weekly assemblies, demonstrating initiative within our Clan Buddies program or representing the Junior School at one of our many special events, our Year 5 girls then lead with strength, optimism and a true sense of justice that are synonymous with being a Seymour girl.