Junior School

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The Seymour Junior School, beginning with our Prep program for four-year old girls, followed by Reception through to Year 5, is leading the way in best practice primary education for girls.

As educators, we are faced with the challenge of considering the bigger picture and teaching the types of skills, dispositions and knowledge that will be relevant for our girls in future years.

Most of the primary school reform efforts to date have focused on making the traditional model work better, rather than creating an entirely different approach.

Embarking on a revolutionary new approach to learning, our innovative Junior School model, commencing in 2020, has been guided by the latest global research on how to help girls learn best coupled with an evolved understanding of teaching and learning. The result is a renewed focus on delivering more impactful teaching and a more vibrant curriculum that is better suited to how girls learn at this age.

It’s about providing them with specialist teachers in all subjects to guide them throughout their junior schooling and creating an environment that provides the very best wellbeing and support for our girls.

There’s nothing like this happening in South Australia, and we would love you to come on a tour of the Junior School to see it for yourself.

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Our Prep program

Seymour Prep. The best start for your four year old daughter.

As the springboard for our innovative teaching and learning model, our Junior School offers an exciting boutique Prep Program for 4-year-old girls. The carefully crafted curriculum develops each girl’s knowledge, identity, connection and wellbeing. Students engage in a range of early literacy and numeracy activities providing solid foundations and preparation for the commencement of school. This is achieved through intentional teaching moments, hands-on activities, play, investigations and trial and error. The Prep teachers identify specific opportunities unique to each child to challenge, collaborate, encourage and explain early literacy and numeracy concepts.

The Prep day is aligned to the Junior School day and operates from 8.25am–3.25pm, with additional care provided outside of these hours, if needed. The Prep curriculum is designed to be delivered over 5 days each week but placements can be flexible to meet the needs of individual families.

As her world begins to open up at this crucial age, the individual attention provided in Prep, matched to the unique needs of every girl, will connect her to the Junior School and give her the perfect start to her schooling.

If you wish to contact our Director of Enrolments and Community Relations, Sally Penn, please provide your details here. You can also click to book a tour of the College.




Primary School Education Re-imagined

Seymour College believes in the intelligence of every student, ensuring they thrive through the support and differentiation offered within their unique Junior School small group teaching and learning model. This innovative approach to primary school education is underpinned by the latest neuroscience surrounding brain flexibility and plasticity.

This research has shown the incredible capacity of brains to grow and change in a really short space of time. At Seymour, we firmly believe that any differences students are born with are transcended by a teachers’ belief in their potential, their exposure to explicit teaching and the laying of strong foundations in English and Mathematics from as early as Reception. Our students respond to positive messages about their potential and ability, therefore our approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by our belief in the intelligence of each and every one of our learners. No one is born with a “maths brain”, and no one is born without one!

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Improving the achievement of girls

In an ever-changing world, we recognise that a clear way of improving achievement and promoting equity as we future-proof our girls, is to broaden the number of students who are given high level opportunities. Uniquely to our Junior School, this is achieved through an individualised, targeted, supported, and connected small group model.

Research states that any form of small-grouping, whether teacher-selected or mixed ability, is better than the traditional ‘whole class instruction’. Seymour Junior School girls work in small English and Mathematics groups for extended periods of time every day. Individual growth and student success are monitored closely, with small groups ensuring that no child falls through the cracks or goes under the radar. Our girls are challenged, supported, and learning for extended periods of time, because we know that’s how girls learn best.

Expert teachers differ from experienced ones

We know that the single most powerful influence on achievement is the teacher. Three years ago, we directed our attention to higher quality teaching and higher expectations, understanding that all students from Prep to Year 5 can meet appropriate challenges within this small group learning model. We recognised early that expert teachers differ from experienced ones and therefore identified, esteemed, and trained our teachers to be experts in their fields.


Seymour’s unique small group model puts girls first, right from the beginning. It builds strong academic foundations, setting girls up for a future of success, and options. Underpinned by a culture of kindness and friendship, our girls just simply love school.

Exceptional Learners

The Junior School small group model provides a pathway for students which eliminates ‘withdrawal’ groupings. It alternatively provides intentional, daily English and Maths small group learning for all students where all teachers take responsibility for the teaching, learning and progression of the learners in their group.

Small group English and Maths sessions are programmed to ensure our highly able learners are enabled to think divergently through a range of higher order thinking tasks, questioning models and tiered activities which allow for different levels of support, challenge, or complexity. Their curriculum content meets individual readiness, gained from pre-assessment and content is accelerated or scaffolded to meet individualised needs. The small group model promotes daily critical literacy and creative problem solving and individualised mentoring for the highly able.

Academic learning assessments and associated Individual Learning Plans, to formally assess potential and subsequently program for the academic and social and emotional needs of highly able learners, are available through the College, at no additional charge. In addition to the small group learning model, enrichment opportunities as part of the Junior School offerings also include the Australian Mathematics Trust enrichment program, Maths Olympiad, Australian Maths Competition, Oliphant Science Award entry, Junior Orator, Poetry, Robocop, Young Writers Awards, Lower Primary ‘Problem Solvers’ with Maths specialist staff, Tournament of the Minds, ICAS competition, Chess and Chinese.

Seymour College Junior School offers a French Enrichment Pathway for students who would benefit from extension and immersion in French. Our native French teacher also runs French Enrichment for beginner learners.



Co-curricular activities are offered and encouraged as extras at no additional charge. The range of activities that are offered is determined annually according to interest.

Seymour College boasts an impressive Performance department and a wide range of activities for our students, including Instrumental Music, the Ensemble program and Dance.

In Instrumental music we offer private music lessons with visiting industry professional staff and many from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Our youngest students taking lessons are in Prep and learn piano and violin.

JS music 08388

We offer five ensembles: Beginner Strings, McGregor Strings, Saltire Strings, Concert Choir and McGregor Band.

  • Strings: The growth in our Strings program has been astounding with girls taking lessons across violin, viola, cello and double bass.
  • Bands: Band is our newest program, which has seen the commencement of our first JS Band called McGregor Band. Students elect to join this band from the new Year 5 classroom music immersion program. This very special band has girls from the Middle School come and support the rehearsal, sitting alongside these girls and being mentors. Within the Year 5 immersion class, girls are now learning oboe as Seymour aims to become the leading school in double reed instruments, with Celia Craig – internationally renowned Oboe Maestro at the helm.
  • Choir: Concert Choir is very popular in the Junior School, with our girls extending themselves by singing with the Middle School Choir in the Choral Eisteddfod. They have placed first in this competition two years running.
  • Celtic: Includes Chanter (beginner bagpipes), Scottish Drumming and we have many girls from as young as Prep taking Highland Dancing.

In Co-curricular Dance, our girls are enrolled in Beginner, Intermediate and Development ballet, jazz and hip hop classes.

In addition, our Year 4 and 5 students present a full musical each year and not only develops skills in singing, acting and dancing, but also in connection and personal growth.

Girls have the opportunity to play interschool sport in the following areas:

Reception to Year 2
Term 1 - hockey
Term 2 - netball
Term 3 - soccer
Term 4 - tennis 

Year 3
Term 1 - athletics, tee ball, tennis, swimming
Term 2 - cross country, hockey
Term 3 - netball, soccer, cross country 
Term 4 - tennis, swimming 

Year 4
Term 1 - teeball, athletics, swimming, tennis
Term 2 - cross country, hockey
Term 3 - netball, soccer, cross country
Term 4 - tennis, swimming

Year 5
Term 1 - softball, athletics, swimming, tennis
Term 2 - netball, hockey, cross country 
Term 3 - basketball, soccer, cross country 
Term 4 - AFL, swimming, tennis, volleyball

Many girls are actively involved in SAPSASA interschool athletics, swimming and cross-country competitions.


Extra curricular activities are offered at a cost as an additional service. The activities currently offered include:

  • Lunchtime tennis coaching by a professional tennis coach;
  • After school gymnastic classes in school gymnasium; and
  • Private instrumental music lessons.