Junior School

Seymour College is regarded as one of the nation’s leading independent schools for girls.

The education offered in our Junior School, beginning with our Prep program for four year old girls, followed by Reception through to Year 5, is dedicated to empowering girls to become women of strength, optimism and justice.

We provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment that nurtures the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive to learning.

Our girls are encouraged to build strong and positive relationships and to challenge themselves at school and beyond. Being principled, caring and open-minded is valued and celebrated. 

The wellbeing of every girl is important and is embedded within our entire framework for learning. We encourage and teach our girls resiliency and to persevere in the face of challenge.

Above all the Junior School strives to nurture curiosity and a keen enthusiasm for learning.

You can download your copy of the Junior School brochure here.

Our Prep program

Seymour Prep, for four year old girls, is very special. It builds upon the rich experiences in girls' early learning and further encourages a spirit of discovery to explore and question the world. Girls in Prep enjoy an introduction to our literacy programs, THRASS and Big Write as well as Art, Chinese, Library, Music, PE and an introduction to STEM. There is also a major focus on gross motor development and, if necessary, an early intervention pathway in Speech Pathology. Above all, the girls are encouraged to embrace their natural curiosity and are given every opportunity to develop skills that are vital to learn before they move into Reception.

Girls in Prep are able to make successful adjustments to the Junior School and classroom setting and are introduced to school routines which allow them to practise the skills necessary for school. New friendships are formed and a support system is developed through the buddy program which makes this a very nurturing and inclusive year for the girls. Being part of an Early Years to Year 12 College, the girls also have access to numerous possibilities and resources for learning and play.

The formal Prep day runs from 8.35am – 3.25pm, with additional care provided outside of these hours if needed. There is a choice to come for three, four or five days. Many of our students choose to come for five days so have the chance to be involved in all of the interesting activities on offer. The daily fee is $65.

Helping to make the transition from a home, early learning or day care setting as smooth as possible for girls and their parents is of paramount importance to us. As her world begins to open up at this crucial age, the individual attention provided in Prep, matched to your daughter’s unique needs, will give her the perfect start to her Seymour journey.

To learn more about Seymour Prep, book a tour of the College here.


The curriculum offered in the Junior School reflects an inquiry learning approach that builds upon the students prior learning and past experiences. While the teaching of literacy and numeracy is a core component of the curriculum, there is also a strong focus on social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

The curriculum aims to foster the ability to think critically and creatively, within a framework of inquiry-learning and discovery, such that students are able to make valid and meaningful connections between their learning and their developing worldview. Seymour College offers the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (as a Candidate school) for Reception –Year 5.

Under the leadership of our teachers, our girls will strengthen their skills of inquiring, thinking and communicating and become open-minded, courageous, caring, balanced, reflective, knowledgeable and principled in their interactions with each other and their world.

Students study core subjects including:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) – Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship (from Year 3) and Economics and Business (from Year 5)
  • Religion and Values Education
  • Personal Development
  • Technologies – Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies

Further, all students take part in extensive specialist programs in:

  • The Arts – Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music, Dance and Drama
  • Languages – Chinese 
  • Health and Physical Education


Extensive student support opportunities, available for students with specific learning needs, are coordinated by our experienced Learning Diversity teaching team, and take many forms. Individual support and group learning interventions work in parallel with classroom programs and involve substantial collaboration between classroom teachers and our Learning Diversity specialists. Learning interventions span the learning spectrum and include enrichment, extension and support programs as required.

Regular, ongoing, formative and summative assessment tools are used across the Junior School to gather cumulative data in relation to each girls' strengths, needs and progress. This information is shared regularly with parents and is used to inform current learning goals and programs.

Reception students undertake a school entry screening process early in their first term at school. This assessment tool enables us to identify areas of need and strength very early and adapt each students learning program to meet their learning requirements.


Co-curricular activities are offered and encouraged as extras at no additional charge. The range of activities that are offered is determined annually according to interest. More information will be provided to students and parents during the year.

Advanced music students are invited to audition for the Junior School Orchestra and Recorder Group. Year 4 and 5 students may audition for the Choir. All string players are invited to join ensembles appropriate to their ability.

Girls have the opportunity to play interschool sport in the following areas:

  • Basketball
  • Minkey
  • Netball
  • Nettaball
  • Soccer
  • Tee-ball
  • Tennis

Many girls are actively involved in SAPSASA interschool athletics, swimming and cross-country competitions.


Extra curricular activities are offered at a cost as an additional service. The activities currently offered include:

  • Lunchtime tennis coaching by a professional tennis coach;
  • After school gymnastic classes in school gymnasium; and
  • Private instrumental music lessons.