Junior School

An Excellent Start

Seymour College is regarded as one of the nation’s leading independent schools for girls. The education offered in our Junior School – Reception through to Year 5 – is dedicated to fostering learning for life. Seymour College is committed to encouraging every individual to pursue personal excellence, to strive for decency and to enquire with an open heart and a thirst for learning.

Each child’s learning journey is individual and our programs are flexible to meet these needs. We welcome parents to join us for a discussion on how we can engage, challenge and build confidence in their daughter. A tour of the College is a great place to start.

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We provide a safe, supportive and stimulating environment that nurtures the development of self-confident, independent learners who engage in learning with enthusiasm, zest and courage. Girls are encouraged to expand their awareness and tolerance of others, to build strong, positive relationships and to challenge their capabilities at school and beyond. Kindness, self-discipline, initiative and cooperation are valued and celebrated; these character traits guide and support every girl in her interaction with others. We have big dreams for our girls and inspire them to set their sights on achieving all that they can.

The Junior School staff are passionate about teaching and learning, creating classrooms that are dynamic, uplifting and joyful learning spaces that respond to every girl’s academic, social and emotional needs. Parents are welcomed into our classrooms and viewed as essential partners in the learning journey.

The principles of positive psychology are embedded within our entire framework for learning and help students to discover their strengths, recognise personal areas for growth and optimize learning. This encourages the growth of helpful thinking patterns and positive self-belief. We encourage growth and strength of character via the cultivation of resilience – learning to persevere in the face of challenge and developing tenacity and grit. Above all, the Junior School strives to nurture a keen enthusiasm for learning, building upon the creativity and curiosity that each child brings with them to school.


Our College has an outstandingly beautiful, natural environment where the girls are free to run and play safely. Students have access to the College’s many specialised facilities including tennis and netball courts, heated swimming pool, gymnasium and dance studio, and a vast playing field. Our spectacular grounds feature many distinctive gardens and abundant native wildlife set on 25 acres of ground and only 5 kilometres from the CBD.

The Junior School Resource Centre and ICT Suite offer a centralised hub of learning in addition to our character filled classrooms and our range of age appropriate playground facilities support the growth and development of each girl’s physical health. Students enjoy having our own dedicated theatre and assembly hall which provides an excellent space for our extensive Music program and a multitude of dramatic performances.


Our professional teaching team work collaboratively to implement the Australian Curriculum in ways that support every girl’s learning. They create learning environments that promote the sharing of knowledge and best practice in all classrooms and ensure that parents are kept informed with regards to student progress and expectations. Seymour College invests in the professional capacity of all teaching staff to ensure teaching and learning practices reflect the most current, research based applications available. Learning is greatly valued across the breadth of our community.

All students have access to a broad learning program which includes both core and specialist subject areas. These are:

• Mathematics
• English
• Science
• Humanities and Social Science: Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship (Years 3 – 5 only);
Economics and Business (Year 5 only).
• Health and Physical Education
• The Arts: Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts
• Technology: Digital and Design
• Chinese
• Religious and Values Education
• Personal Development

The Whole Child

The Junior School places great importance on wellbeing and the nurturing of the whole child. Every girl’s social and emotional wellbeing is supported in specific lessons designed to explore aspects of personal development and in the creation of strong, positive student/teacher relationships. We value the partnership between home and school, working determinedly with parents to support each girl in personalised learning programs. Our College Counsellors spend time in the Junior School each week, assisting teachers to implement specific programs and working with individuals as required.

The College motto, Crescam Ministrando, means I grow by serving. Girls are encouraged to live these words in their everyday interactions, seeing themselves as active world citizens who can make a difference. Aspects of service are introduced in the Junior School via our Student Representative Council and our Clan Buddies program.

Students in all year levels are given many opportunities to develop skills of personal leadership and responsibility. Every girl is encouraged to look for ways in which to lead and model behaviours that affect others in positive ways. Our Year 5 students are provided with very specific opportunities to develop their leadership potential and work through a series of leadership workshops throughout the year. At the beginning of the year they are inducted as our Junior School leaders and presented with their badges. They Year 5 girls then proudly take responsibility for a range of Junior School activities and events.

In addition to the formal curriculum program a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular sports, activities and clubs are offered throughout the years. These cater for students’ interest and particular skills outside of the classroom.

Seymour College Junior School offers a rich, vibrant and multi-faceted education for every girl. Our combined focus on learning and wellbeing gives every child a superb start to their learning journey, preparing them for an exciting future that is defined by the values of excellence, respect and innovation. They may join us as young girls but they proudly graduate after a Seymour education as young women of strength, optimism and justice.

Each child’s learning journey is individual and our programs are flexible to meet these needs. We welcome parents to join us for a discussion on how we can engage, challenge and build confidence in their daughter. A tour of the College is a great place to start.      

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