Emotional Intelligence Program

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Seymour works in partnership with Swinburne University in the delivery of Aristotle, their emotional intelligence (EI) program, as part of our Junior, Middle and Senior School wellbeing curriculum. The focus of the program is to develop, improve and implement EI across the College community. Aristotle has been developed using evidence based research and we work with Swinburne to tailor programs specifically to the needs of Seymour girls. EI education is now widely accepted as integral to establishing positive mental health and resilience in students and it underpins Seymour’s GIRLbeing program.

Teacher reflections on the impact of the Emotional Intelligence Program at Seymour:

  • My students are more articulate in their discussions about goal setting and tackling problems head on, and have become more confident in discussing their feelings in challenging situations. The program has allowed us to pin point areas of Emotional Intelligence that individual students need to work on, and it has also given us insight into why students express certain behaviours.
  • Aristotle EI has allowed students to learn more about their emotions in a safe and comfortable environment. They develop skills that encourage them to be more self-aware and considerate of those around them. It offers the opportunity for students to develop an emotional toolkit that they can draw upon when adolescent mile stones are reached and experience them with a positive mindset.
  • Students are more self-aware, understanding how their behaviours can impact on others, while also being more capable of reading others emotions and moods.

To learn more about this program, go to http://aristotle-ei.com/

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