National and global experience

We give our girls every chance to develop global and cultural awareness, as well as an appreciation of the many and varied opportunities within Australia.

Broadening her horizons

Our variety of opportunities both overseas and domestically, allows our girls to recognise the importance of relevant and connected experiences.

In our interconnected and everchanging world it is essential that our young women develop global and cultural awareness. Seymour provides a range of deliberate and purposeful trips and tours which enables our girls to meaningfully connect with life beyond the College. Through participation in these activities, girls develop international competence, an appreciation of cultural diversity and a connection that transcends national and geographical boundaries.

We offer a broad range of adventures, tours, co-curricular trips, service expeditions and reciprocal exchanges. 

Further information

Information about trips and tours is provided to students and parents via Seymour’s online system, SOCS and via the Daily Notices. Girls are usually invited to indicate their interest in the months prior to the trip and on occasions, a non-refundable deposit is requested to secure a place.

All trips and tours are paid for by the participants.