Middle Years

Seymour offers an outstanding Middle Years program for girls in Years 7–9, at this vital stage of their development.


Seymour Middle Years

Our approach to Middle Years education builds foundational skills while providing limitless opportunities for each girl to find her spark.

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The Middle Years are a formative experience for young women as they build on their foundation of learning and start to expand their horizons.

In Years 7 to 9, Seymour girls begin to turn the confidence they have built through their early education into a relentless thirst for knowledge; an endless search for answers through creative questioning and problem solving.

This search is not constrained by traditional boundaries. Instead, we encourage exploration and innovation as each girl immerses herself in new and different experiences, supported by trusted educators.

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Year 7 re-imagined

Welcoming new and existing students, the entry to our Middle Years is focused on connection and adventure.

Building upon our diverse curriculum, co-curricular and wellbeing programs, our Year 7 offering now, more than ever, holistically supports the needs of adolescent girls and challenges them to take up every opportunity.

Year 7s are welcomed into the Middle Years with an introductory camp that bonds them as a cohort and allows new friendships to blossom. This sense of adventure is instilled from the very beginning, to develop young women who don’t just embrace change, but actively seek it for personal growth.

We would love to share our Year 7 offering with you and take the first steps of your daughters exciting Seymour journey together.

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Wellbeing in adolescence 

Girls at this age are full of energy and emotion, navigating adolescence and friendships while facing new challenges and choices.

That’s why Seymour’s approach to Middle Years education is underpinned by a focus on the whole girl.

We support not only her academic growth but also her mental and physical resilience and her ability to build healthy relationships, make decisions and endure uncertain times. Our dedicated wellbeing program and specialised staff help each girl build resilience, identity and confidence through this critical time.


Our Middle Years curriculum places a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics because research proves time and time again that literacy and numeracy skills remain fundamental in today’s world.

But we also understand the importance of grounding these skills in real world thinking.

Integrated learning subjects STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and GEM (Global Studies, English and Media) challenge our Year 7 and 8 girls to apply what they’ve learned to real world problems. They are supported by a core rotation of specialist subjects across technology, the arts and other interest areas.

Our curated Year 9 elective offering opens new doors in the lead up to the Senior Years without locking students out of any future pathways. By the time each Seymour girls leaves the Middle Years, she will have a strong sense of what interests her and what she’d like to pursue further.

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Beyond the classroom

Seymour’s array of ensembles, teams and clubs are outlets for expression and energy. They represent an opportunity to discover a close-knit community and forge unexpected friendships, to hone skills and perform under pressure.

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We also take every opportunity to get our girls outdoors more often and for longer, creating exciting learning experiences through our outdoor education program. Our girls relish the challenge and freedom and embrace the personal growth these opportunities present.