Why Study in Adelaide?

The following extract is from Study Adelaide. Further information about study opportunities in Adelaide can be obtained from the Study Adelaide website.

For over 170 years Adelaide has had a tradition of education excellence. The city has produced over 100 Rhodes Scholars and three Nobel Laureates.

Adelaide is Australia's most affordable city. Whilst Adelaide offers the same lifestyle and quality education opportunities as other cities in Australia, statistics suggest it costs 20% more to live in Sydney, 19% more to live in Melbourne, 8% more to live in Brisbane and 9% more to live in Perth.

Adelaide is a cosmopolitan city but importantly, it is also safe, respectful and very inclusive.

The living is easy! Adelaide has been called the world's most contented city. It has a vibrant calendar of international festivals and cultural activities.

An authentic Australian experience: South Australia is everything you might imagine this huge continent to be. The state is larger than Texas, it has 5000 km of coast, and the interior is home to rolling hills, sheep stations, vineyards, gold mines, salt lakes, ancient mountain ranges and the mighty outback deserts. And those famous koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and platypuses... we've got plenty!

Central to everywhere: located exactly halfway between Sydney and Perth, nowhere is too far. A flight from Adelaide to Sydney, for instance, is under three hours. Adelaide has a modern international airport with many direct flights.

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