Visa Process and Compliance

Information about Student Visa Subclass 571, application forms and how to apply can be found at the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Student visas are subject to a number of visa conditions that students must comply with. Breaching a visa condition may result in the cancellation of a student's visa. Conditions include:

  • Students cannot work in Australia unless they have applied for a new Student Visa with Permission to Work once they have arrived in Australia and have commenced their course. Seymour College does not recommend that International students consider working while studying.
  • Students must remain enrolled in a registered CRICOS course.
  • Adequate arrangements for health insurance must be made for the duration of a student's stay in Australia. Seymour College arranges health insurance for all International students.
  • Student must continue to have sufficient financial capacity to support their study and stay in Australia.
  • Students must stay in Australia with either their parent/legal custodian, a relative nominated by their parents who is aged over 21 years, or accommodation arrangements that have been approved by Seymour College.
  • Students must meet the course requirements set by the College.
  • Students must attend at least 80% of their scheduled lessons.

Further information about compliance issues can be found at the following link: Department of Immigration and Citizenship.