Tertiary Placement

All students must compete for entrance into university or TAFE on the basis of their final South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Stage 2 results. The higher the score, the better chance a student has of gaining entrance into the course of their choice.

All Year 12 students are given an Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR) based on their final marks for Stage 2. Therefore, it is important that students complete subjects in which they can achieve their best. Several university courses have prerequisite subject requirements; however, there are also many courses that only require a good score at Stage 2 level.

The SACE is a demanding two year course, and students often feel increasing pressure towards the end of Stage 2. Students who have regular and consistent study habits usually do well. Students also need positive encouragement from parents and family.

Seymour College endeavours to support students through these years by providing high level teaching, encouragement and guidance of students in their choice of subjects.

Tertiary Options in South Australia

Students completing their secondary education at Seymour College have many options for the future. Following a tertiary pathway at a South Australian university or technical college gives students the opportunity for further learning and subsequent employment.

All tertiary institutions in South Australia are internationally recognised and offer places to International students who have successfully completed their secondary education.

The following institutions are located in South Australia and have staff available to help prospective International students with any questions that they might have. Further information is also available on their websites.

  • Flinders University 
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia

Foreign universities with campuses in Adelaide:

  • Carnegie Mellon
  • University College London