Enrolment Procedure

Step 1

To proceed with an application International students are required to forward the following:

  • a completed Application Form and Application Fee;
  • copies of the student’s two most recent College reports;
  • copies of AEAS test results (where available);
  • photocopy or scanned copy of passport page with name, photo identification, passport number and expiry date; and 
  • details of the student’s extracurricular involvement.


An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above has been received by the Manager of Enrolments, Sally Penn, sjpenn@seymour.sa.edu.au


Step 2

Seymour College will assess the application and assessment procedures including evaluation of reports from previous Colleges and of English language proficiency. In cases where reports are not available or are inconclusive for any reason, the College may require relevant testing of the applicant before proceeding with the application.

Prior to offering a place at the College, applicants will be interviewed, either in person or by telephone or by Skype. Having considered all records and any further information which may be requested, the Principal of the College will make the final decision on the acceptance of any International students into the College.

Step 3

If a place in the College is available, the College will forward a Letter of Offer which includes terms of enrolment, Confidential Information form, Medical Information form, Individual needs form, invoices for payment of the Enrolment Fee (AU$150), the first semester of Tuition and Boarding fees.

It is important at this stage that parents and students understand the following requirements and conditions as set out in the International Student Handbook available on this website. These include;

  • Terms and Conditions of Enrolment
  • Course entry requirements
  • Course information, qualification and assessment practices
  • Fees Schedules and the fact that fees may change
  • Refund Policy
  • Complaints and Appeals Policy
  • Attendance and Course Progress Policy
  • Welfare and Accommodation Policy
  • Grounds for deferring, suspending or cancelling enrolment
  • ESOS Framework
  • Other information as required under 2007 National Code Standard 2
  • College location, facilities and resource
  • Indicative costs of living
  • Uniform
  • One to One Computing information

 Step 4

When a place is offered, please ensure the following documents are completed and signed by parents:

  • Signed agreement and that all policies and conditions have been understood and accepted
  • Completed medical information form. It is very important for the College to have full details of any medical or psychological condition that requires medication or medical supervision, and any learning difficulties or special needs a student may have.
  • Completed Data collection and Confidential Student information forms.

 Step 5

Upon receipt of the required documents, signed by both parents, and the associated fees, the College will send you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Certificate (eCoE) which is required for your daughter’s application for a Student Visa.

 Step 6

The Student can now apply for a Student Visa with the appropriate Australian Immigration Office. For further details regarding visa requirements, please refer to the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection www.border.gov.au

 Step 7

Once the student visa has been approved the student can begin to make travel arrangements to travel to Adelaide. Once the flight number and arrival date are know the parents should send the Arrival Notification form to the Manager of Enrolments, Sally Penn, sjpenn@seymour.sa.edu.au

 Step 8

Arrive in Adelaide. If a student has requested an airport pick up, they will be greeted at the airport by either Seymour College staff or their host family.