Giving to Seymour

Your contribution helps welcome young women who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience Seymour; and it helps create new places for our girls and community to gather.

You can help shape the next 100 years

Having just celebrated 100 years of PGC/Seymour College, we have reflected on and strengthened those things that make Seymour special.

Traditions, school chants and songs that echo across decades. Wide open spaces for gathering, playing and learning on our leafy, 25 acre campus. A connected community that uplifts and encourages every girl who walks through our gates.

Our giving initiative is an opportunity to share these uniquely Seymour experiences with a new generation.

View the initiatives you can support below.

Tuition Scholarships

Help us welcome a new generation of Seymour girls, set to become trailblazers in their own right.

For over 100 years, PGC/Seymour College has laid the foundations for the lives and careers of countless young women. Now, we invite you to share the unique Seymour experience – the strength in community and limitless opportunity – with young women who may not otherwise have the chance.

Tuition scholarships

Boarding Scholarships

Help welcome a new generation into the Seymour Boarding House.

In the Seymour Boarding House, lifelong friendships are forged, memories are made, and the strength of our community never falters. Now, we invite you to share this treasured experience with young women who may not otherwise have the opportunity.

Boarding scholarships

The Terrace

Help us bring another iconic Seymour landmark to life.

The Terrace will be a well-designed outdoor area for our girls and a gathering place where our community can relax, socialise and watch sport. Your donation will contribute to this valued space.

The Terrace

Alternatively, to discuss bespoke giving options or ways of recognising your gift, please contact Sally Penn, Director of Enrolments and Community Relations on +61 8 8303 9000.

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