Future focused  

As we embark on another century of educating girls, we are committed to preparing them for the world of tomorrow.

Positively disrupting education

At Seymour we are committed to continually rethinking how we approach education, to ensure that our girls are always in the best position to enter an everchanging world.

The latest research, which is backed by educational leaders across the globe, is that the historical approach to education must be overhauled.

A Seymour education is unlike any other, and we are committed to ensuring your daughter’s learning journey is one at the forefront of educational progress.

At Seymour we have cultivated a culture where there is a freedom to innovate…

Engagement with industry leaders

As our world continues to change more rapidly, we strive to provide our girls with opportunities that prepare them for life beyond our gates.

We engage with broader industry and leverage the connections within our Seymour community to connect our girls with inspiring leaders. We provide countless opportunities for students to expand their network whilst at school and through being educated by the best and brightest educators, a Seymour girl will enter the world brimming with confidence for whatever comes next.

Preparing her for the future

We understand that deciding on a future career or pathway can be a daunting process.

Through many of our career driven initiatives, such as our Year 10 Future Skills Day, various visits from industry leaders, visits to exciting workplaces and guided support from our College staff, our girls are confident in their decisions and excited for their future.

Learn about our annual Future Skills Day