Why Choose a Girls' School?

Seymour College is committed to single sex education because of the range of benefits this offers to our students.

Girls and boys learn differently. Research continues to refine our understanding of these differences and Seymour College has responded to this research in order to create an outstanding learning environment which is specifically geared to meet the needs of girls.

There are many benefits to single sex education at Seymour, such as:

  • Research shows that girls in girls' schools are likely to get up to five times more attention from the teacher than girls in coeducational classrooms.* At Seymour, teachers can give girls 100% of their attention.
  • Girls in girls' schools consistently achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other student group in Australia.
  • Teachers can finely match their teaching to the ways girls learn and develop their courses to meet the specific needs of girls.
  • Girls can work through the challenges of adolescence openly and together.
  • All activities and subjects are open to girls: they participate, influence and lead, and are not influenced by stereotypical views such as "that is a subject for boys".
  • All the leadership positions, academic and other awards go to girls: we do not have to allocate 50% to each gender group.

* With thanks to the Alliance of Girls' Schools.