Enrolling at Seymour

Choosing your child’s educational journey involves your own journey of discovery which is why we’re here to help you learn more about the the varied opportunities we can offer.

At Seymour, we strive to offer a world-class education, that holistically nurtures young women.

Our staff are here to talk to you about your hopes and dreams for your daughter, as well as any special needs they might have, be this with support through our Gifted and Talented program, or by making sure she is engaged with her studies.

Seymour College has over 950 students from Seymour Early Years through to Year 12 and there are waiting lists in some of our year groups.

Come and try day

We invite your daughter to be a Seymour student for a day, and for prospective boarders, to spend a night in our Boarding House.

Our come and try days for Prep to Year 12, give your daughter a chance to meet other students in her year level, connect with her teachers, attend a range of academic and sporting classes and get a feel for our College. Accompanied by a buddy for the day, your daughter will be well cared for, as she takes the first step in her Seymour journey.

Procedure for enrolling your child at Seymour

Please note that before applying to enrol, we encourage you to attend a school tour.


Seymour Early Years enrolment

To apply to enrol your child in the Seymour Early Years, please complete the Waitlist Application form and Individual Needs Questionnaire (see below) and return them both to the Enrolments Office. The general conditions of enrolment are detailed on the Application Form.

Seymour Early Years – Waitlist Application form

Seymour Early Years – Individual Needs Questionnaire (INQ)

Prep to Year 12 enrolment

We encourage all families to speak with Sally Penn, Director of Enrolments and Community Relations, who can advise you of any waiting lists for enrolment. The application process can then begin by completing the Application for Enrolment form and Individual Needs Questionnaire (see below) and returning them – along with  your daughter’s most recent school report – to the Enrolments Office.

The general conditions of enrolment are outlined in the application form.

Offers of place are made a maximum of two years in advance.

Application for Enrolment

Individual Needs Questionnaire