Complete Achievement

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At Seymour College, we believe in celebrating the whole girl. We know that our girls are much more than just an ATAR result or a grade and that their success is better measured in what they achieve completely and who they become.

A high quality education should provide knowledge, skills and inner strength in a balanced manner which is why we celebrate achievement across academia, wellbeing and service. This three-dimensional approach is a more holistic measure of our girls’ success and celebrates the young women that they have become. We call this Complete Achievement at Seymour.

Our vision is for every girl to leave Seymour with strength, optimism and justice firmly imprinted in who she is, and for her to be confident for the future.

Our girls’ Complete Achievement is evidence that Seymour is a wonderful place to learn, to thrive and to gain the necessary foundations to be prepared for what comes next.

We look forward to following the endeavours of each of the girls in the Class of 2019 as they embark on the next, exciting stage of their lives.

Please click here for more information about our Class of 2019's Complete Achievement at Seymour.

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