Seymour Dance

Learn to dance in a caring and nurturing environment. Seymour Dance runs classes for girls and boys aged 3-18. If you wish to enrol your child/children, please download, complete and return an Enrolment Application Form. For more information, please call 8303 9093 or email

Toddler Acro (ages 3-4): Find the beat of the music and explore how bodies work with gymnastic and dance elements.
Junior Acro (ages 5–6): For balance, coordination and flexibility with elements of gymnastics and dance.
Acro Dance (ages 8+): Combine classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements.
Advanced Acro (ages 12+): Advanced techniques in acrobatics and aerial skills.

Shooting Stars and Ballet Babes (under 5s): teaches the foundations of ballet technique with creative learning.
Junior Ballet (ages 5–7): teaches younger students the fundamentals of ballet techniques which includes posture, balance and emphasis on symmetry of movement.
Primary Ballet (ages 8–11): teaches a strong foundation of basic ballet techniques including alignment, strength and overall knowledge of steps and terminology.
Intermediate Ballet (ages 11+): students will expand upon basic ballet techniques, focusing on complex combinations, stamina and artistry.
Advanced Ballet (ages 11+): students will delve even deeper into the subtleties of ballet techniques, focusing on artistry, expression, performance, detail, and intricate and challenging combinations.
Pointé (ages 11+): teaches students the classical ballet technique of dancing en pointé in pointé shoes, focusing on strength and articulation through the feet and ankles.

Provides floor movement, travelling steps, unique and creative body movement.

Teaches students to become more grounded in their technique and introduces them to the many different styles of dance that hip hop has to offer.

Provides a high energy level of fun and technique that includes turns, kicks, jumps and mini routines.

Cross section/combination of lyrical, jazz and tap dance styles.