Parents' and Friends' Association

The Parents' and Friends' Association (P&F) is a voluntary organisation consisting of parents from all year levels as well as friends of Seymour College. Our aim is to have many and varied activities throughout the year to bring the Seymour community together to both friend raise and fundraise for the benefit of our students.

The P&F works closely together as a team and is a wonderful way for new families to feel that they are truly part of the embroidery of the College.

The P&F Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting in November and meets monthly during term time. With the aim of promoting communication and coordination within the school structure, we have representatives from the Boarding Parents' Association and the Old Collegians' Association on the committee. We also work closely with Seymour’s Deputy Principal, Dan Walker and Vicky Lekis, Director of Advancement.

The P&F has a broad fundraising program and provides financial support and sponsorship for a variety of projects, providing resources for both curricular and co-curricular activities.

The Seymour Parents' and Friends' Association is a vibrant, active and committed part of the College community.

We look forward to your support. If you would like more information about the P&F please contact the President, Marcelle James at or phone 0419 168 011 or contact Vanessa Edwards, Advancement Assistant on or 08 8303 9081.

Parent Representatives

Seymour College has always been a school with a strong sense of community and caring, and the Parent Representatives play an important part in fostering this sense of community.

The role of Parent Representatives varies from the Junior School to Middle and Senior Schools. From Reception to Year 7, each class has one or two Parent Representatives per class; however from Year 8-12, the Parent Representative/s usually represents a whole year level. The role of the Parent Representative essentially involves four main responsibilities: 

  • Providing support for P&F functions by encouraging parents in their year/class to attend P&F events and helping where needed;
  • Welcoming new families to the College;
  • Organising casual get togethers for their class/year level
  • Attending P&F committee meetings on a shared basis with other Parent Representatives in their year level. 

Offering opportunities for parents to get together plays an important part in welcoming new parents and building friendships throughout our school community. Many Parent Representatives organise events such as "bottle & plate" dinners, morning teas in the school Thistles Café, and parent luncheons during the school year. 

Parents' & Friends' 2017

This year sees the Seymour College P&F offer many functions and activities which are aimed at not only raising funds but also enhancing the wonderful sense of community that exists within the College.  They provide an enjoyable opportunity to meet others, strengthening existing relationships and contributing towards the College.

The P&F this year are very pleased to be in the position to fund the following Seymour College projects:

∙ New robotics kit for the Year 6 and 7 Digital Technologies/STEM programme $4,500

∙ 6 exercise bikes for Pedal Prix, Rowing and general class use $4,800

∙ Landscaping of indigenous garden in the Junior School $1,000

∙ Incubator for the laboratory/STEM programme $2,200

∙ Early Years kitchen garden project $1,000

∙ Music stand cart, new xylophone and symphonic gong for the Music Department $8,180

∙ Outdoor furniture for Barr Smith Campus $1,000

∙ Chair for the Future Appeal, McGregor Hall refurbishment $1,000

∙ Portable Music player/speaker for Sports Centre $500

∙ Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine for Design & Technologies $499

∙ Slow Cooker – Breville icon for Design & Technologies $149

∙ 2 new Nikon D3200 cameras for the Taylor Resource Centre $1,500

∙ BBQ trailer for use at Rowing Regattas and other Seymour College events $7,000 

Our Thistles Café provides an enjoyable opportunity for staff, parents and the wider Seymour community to meet together within the school’s Centre for Performing Arts (CPA) and share in a coffee, cake and chat.   Hot and cold beverages and food are available for purchase with funds raised contributing to the P&F.  The Thistles Café is also available for booking a class or year group morning tea.  Opening dates for 2017 are Fridays on 3rd March, 2nd June, 23rd June, 4th August and 27th October from 8am-11.30am. To book in a group contact Marcelle James at

Our biggest fundraiser for the year is the Seymour College High Tea on Friday 12th May at 1.30pm. An event not to be missed!

Our Cabaret Evenings on 16th and 17th June showcase everything musical with our wonderfully talented girls performing on both evenings.  Bookings will be taken for tables or individual seats.  Drinks, cheese & fruit platters will be available for purchase.

We of course have not forgotten the fathers with our Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday, 1st September in the CPA. This is a perfect time for fathers to share in a breakfast with their daughters whilst also socialising with other fathers from their daughter’s year level and the wider school community.

Other activities to be held throughout the year include Swimming Carnival Café, Entertainment Books, Second Hand Book Sale and numerous sausage sizzles especially at the Junior School and Clash of the Clans.

Look out for all the P&F events as advertised on the Seymour website, in Seymour News, on Facebook or for more information please contact the President, Marcelle James at or phone 0419 168 011, or contact Vanessa Edwards, Advancement Assistant, at or phone 8303 9081.

Thank You

The P&F would like to acknowledge the generosity of the many contributors to the success of our fundraising over the last year and again in the year ahead including the convenors of each event, helpers, Parent Representatives, donors of goods and finally the School Community for its ongoing support.

We would also like to thank the great support and assistance from the Advancement Office.

Finally, we extend a special thank you to the committee whose generosity, support and friendship make working with the P&F a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

Marcelle James
Seymour College Parents & Friends Association

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