Voluntary building fund

All current families are encouraged to make a tax deductible donation to the Voluntary Building Fund when they pay tuition fees.

Tuition fees only cover day-to-day costs such as salaries and teaching resources and so, in order to build for our future, the College needs to seek other sources of financial support.

All donations to the Voluntary Building Fund go towards the annual building maintenance program to ensure classrooms and other College facilities remain up-to-date. Over the summer break the College completed a number of tasks across the whole school. We were pleased to be able to refurbish various areas within our Boarding House including the first and second floors of the East Wing. The Year 11 Common Room in the Abbie Building also underwent a refurbishment. A number of classroom and offices were also refurbished in the Martyn Building in the Junior School.

The Seymour community's commitment to supporting the College has resulted in significant improvements throughout the school, but more importantly, it is helping us build a future for our children.


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