Seymour College Foundation

The Seymour College Foundation has played an important role in financially supporting the College through the development of philanthropic activities and programs over the last 25 years. Since its inception in 1988, its focus has been to raise funds for the ongoing development of the College.

The Seymour College Foundation is responsible for the prudential management of the funds raised by the College community. The Foundation Board not only provides stewardship, but also ensures that donated funds are directed according to the donor’s wishes and invested to create a future income source for the College.

Over the last 25 years, the Foundation’s financial support has been called upon to assist in funding many projects, such as the Sports Centre (1989), the Science for Life Building (1994) and the Centre for Performing Arts (2009).

The Funds managed by the Foundation include:

The Seymour College Foundation Building Fund;

The Seymour College Foundation Scholarship Fund;

The Seymour College Foundation Library Fund; and

The Seymour College Foundation Endowment Fund.

All of these, except for the Endowment Fund, have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status which means that gifts of $2 or more made to these Funds are tax deductible.

Foundation Board Members

Belinda Smoker (Chair)
Rosina Hislop
Frank Lancione
David Uhrig
Brenton Cox
Marcelle James (Parents' and Friends' Association Representative)
Pat Halloran (Old Collegians' Association Representative)

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