Giving to Seymour

Since its establishment in 1922, Seymour College has relied upon the philanthropic support of its community, without which the school would not be able to provide the high quality education it does today.

Seymour College owes much to the foresight, enthusiasm, generosity and careful planning of its founders. Led by Reverend Dr J A Seymour, these individuals gave generously of their time and money to make this vision a reality.

These people have left not only a legacy of buildings, scholarships, prizes, equipment and resources for the school, but also a strong sense of tradition and community that continues today.

The College community's strong support reflects the schools' motto Crescam Ministrando - "I grow by serving".

While tuition fees cover a portion of a student's education at Seymour, there is a significant shortfall between fee income and the funds needed to undertake projects which are vital for the College's future wellbeing. To do this we ask our community to support us where possible with donations. This will ensure that Seymour College has the financial capacity to continue to provide its students with the unique opportunity to achieve their full academic, spiritual, cultural and social potential. Your contribution, large or small, is vital for our continuing progress.

Donors give because they know it helps others, often talking about the power of sharing. There is something very special about giving. Giving makes you feel good! Donors realise that giving opens a door, not just for the recipient but also for themselves.

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