Welcome to the Seymour College community.

Our community is one of learning, positive interactions, and mutual respect and support for one another. It is a community that provides support in a variety of ways, including parent to parent, student to student, staff to student and staff to parent.

The success of the education for the young women in our care comes from a positive interaction between home, school and the student - the 'educational triangle'.

It is a community that encourages friendship and open dialogue. It is a community that interacts positively through many and varied social occasions and through the more formal interactions which necessarily form a part of any educational institution.

Joining the community at Seymour College means that you are joining a community of people who are committed to providing the very best in educational opportunities for its young women. The community is proactive in its support of the various academic and co-curricular activities within the College and offers wonderful encouragement for all that the College achieves.

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