Over 100 years of educating women

The PGC/Seymour College Centenary in 2022 was a significant and exciting milestone for the entire College community.


Seymour College Centenary

Our past. Your future.

In 1922, Presbyterian Girls’ College opened to 100 students across five year levels. During the opening assembly on 22 February, Principal, Reverend Dr. Herbert T. Postle heralded a new chapter in the education of women stating, “Our aim is to enable each girl to develop her highest and best…Scholastic capacity varies; but the truest education is the kind that trains girls to recognise and respond to worthy ends; to form a true taste in matters of enjoyment; to develop a character that will enrich the life-stream of the community.”

Today, we welcome girls from the age of 6 weeks to 18 years old, as well as boys in our Early Years. Whilst there has been much advancement, to the point of becoming the leading school for girls in South Australia, the goal of holistic development across academia, co-curricular, service and wellbeing, remains at the heart of our offering.

As we reflect on an incredible and rich 100 year history of our College and pay tribute to all those who have contributed so far, we are now resolutely focused on ensuring the next century is even more industrious and progressive than the last.

We are proud to commemorate over 100 years of providing a world-class education for girls.

Centenary Book

All The World is Before Us commemorates 100 years of providing world-class education for girls, diving deep into Seymour College’s rich history and achievements over the last century.

To order your copy, please click the link below or contact Emma Bishop, Community Relations Coordinator, on +61 8 8303 9072.