Boarding Options

Boarding has been an integral part of life at Seymour College since 1922. Both the College and the Boarding House promote intellectual, social, emotional and moral growth, so that girls develop the skills and confidence to flourish as women of strength, optimism and justice.
While our boarding options suit rural, interstate and international families, over the past 12 months a number of families have requested a more flexible approach to boarding that enables day families the opportunity to access the Boarding House facilities and staff to support their daughter to flourish socially, emotionally and academically.
We are committed to optimise and evolve our resources to create innovative, flexible and sustainable learning environments for our girls.
As such, we have developed two new options for boarding (in addition to full boarding) that we hope will make family life easier for a number of our parents:

Long Day Boarding
Students in Years 6-12 can attend after school co-curricular activities, enjoy afternoon tea and eat a healthy dinner before supervised evening study (Prep) and academic support in the safe and caring environment of the Boarding House. Parents or caregivers collect students by 8.30pm.

Weekly Boarding
Weekly Boarders in Years 6-12 reside at the Boarding House Sunday night (or Monday morning) to Friday afternoon, but spend weekends at home. This combines the best of both worlds – that of a supportive boarding experience and quality family time on the weekend.
This means that the majority of their study and school activities take place at supervised sessions throughout the week, leaving them free to spend time with their family and play sport on the weekends.
Weekly Boarding is ideal for parents who manage long work hours and may
find managing the logistics of school commitments challenging for both themselves and their daughters.
It is also an ideal option for families who live within a short commute to Seymour College, but find their daughters’ co-curricular activities prevent extended travelling.
This option is subject to availability and our discretion.

Please contact me on 8303 9000 or email to discuss our Long Day Boarding or Weekly Boarding options for your daughter(s).

Hayley Hall
Director of Boarding