The Seymour College Boarding House is a lively and diverse community of approximately 100 girls and the staff who care for them.

Boarding at Seymour provides girls with unparalleled opportunities for academic success as well as sporting, cultural and leisure experiences. Both the College and the Boarding House promote intellectual, social, emotional and moral growth. 

We offer a safe, happy, nurturing environment with an exceptional standard of care. All residential students learn to live and work together in a communal setting that encourages a practical concern for others, and promotes the development of skills in organisation, cooperation and independence.

For more information about boarding at Seymour, download our Boarding House brochure or click here to book a personal tour of the College.

Please contact Hayley Hall, Director of Boarding, on 8303 9000 or to discuss boarding options for your daughter. 



Prospective boarding students are invited to spend a sleepover night in the Boarding House and a day at the College, to attend classes and meet future classmates. This experience helps the girls understand what boarding at Seymour College is all about.

The experienced boarders relish showing the new girls around the Boarding House and campus. Current boarders and day students "buddy" with each new student, to help familiarise them with the Boarding House and College procedures.

We understand that boarding is very much a family experience and we invite parents to take part in a parents' workshop to help them prepare for their daughter's transition to the Boarding House.

The Boarders' Parents' Association (BPA) provides new parents with support, through Regional Zone Representatives and social opportunities prior to the family beginning boarding. The BPA run an event-packed calendar each year which gives new families the chance to form their own friendships for life.

Long Day and Weekly Boarding

A number of families have requested a more flexible approach to boarding that enables day families the opportunity to access the Boarding House facilities and staff to support their daughter to flourish socially, emotionally and academically.

We are committed to optimise and evolve our resources to create innovative, flexible and sustainable learning environments for our girls.

As such, we have developed two new options for boarding (in addition to full boarding) that we hope will make family life easier for a number of our parents.

Long Day Boarding

Students in Years 6-12 can attend after school co-curricular activities, enjoy afternoon tea and eat a healthy dinner before supervised evening study (Prep) and academic support in the safe and caring environment of the Boarding House. Parents or caregivers collect students by 8.30pm.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly Boarders in Years 6-12 reside at the Boarding House Sunday night (or Monday morning) to Friday afternoon, but spend weekends at home. This combines the best of both worlds – that of a supportive boarding experience and quality family time on the weekend. 

Weekly Boarding is ideal for parents who manage long work hours and may
find managing the logistics of school commitments challenging for both themselves and their daughters. 

A proven structure

Seymour boarders have a clearly defined routine that also accommodates personal pursuits. Boarders do homework (Prep) at set times in the evenings, working in their own rooms under staff supervision and with the assistance of tutors. 

Co-curricular activities such as sport, music and debating are widely attended by boarders, who enjoy a beautiful natural environment, with many gardens, art studios, a vast playing field, netball and tennis courts, a heated swimming pool, gym, dance studio and a fitness training centre.

The Boarding House is an active environment with girls regularly enjoying walks through the Adelaide Hills, outings to the Central Market, craft markets, the beach, Bounce, the cinema and the theatre.


Year 12 students are allocated a private room, while younger students live in shared bedrooms, generally on a twin-share basis. Rooms and roommates are changed each term. Changing rooms is important, as it builds new social connections, resilience and tolerance, as well as promotes diversity. These are the core values in the Boarding House.

Well-equipped common rooms are available to the different year levels and students use these spaces for socialising, studying and recreation, or to prepare a snack.

Wireless internet is available throughout the Boarding House, and boarders are able to access the College network at any time, from anywhere on campus.

Visitors are welcome and we encourage families to spend some time with us, share a meal, and celebrate special events such as the Swimming Carnival and Sports Day.