What's Next? Stage 1 English Literary Studies student podcast

Teal and Dark Yellow Crown Construction Logo3Following the pioneering work of our 2019 class, this year’s Stage 1 English Literary Studies students are excited to announce the release of Season 2 of What’s Next?

This year there are eight episodes, taking you through some of the best and latest books, helping you find the next novel, literary non-fiction or poetry collection for your reading list.  

Click each episode name to listen.

Episode One: What is a Crawdad and Why do They Sing?

Molly, Catherine and Alyssa delve into the marsh, unearthing the highlights and intricacies of Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing. Picking up fiction written by a scientist isn’t the same as reading a textbook for fun.

Episode Two: Why Would I Want to Read a Boring Book of Poems?

Tara, Georgia and Bridie explain the many benefits to be gained from reading Sincerity by Carol Ann Duffy, the first female and openly LGBTQIA+ poet laureate. Expect explosions, raisin cookies and poems exploring motherhood, Trumpism and mortality.

Episode Three: What do People Look for in a Book?

Charlotte, Robyn and Mikayla consider Suzanne Daniel’s Allegra in Three Parts, winner of the 2020 Indie Book Award for Debut Fiction. The novel is at once heart-warming, haunting and at times confronting subject matter shows us that a good book much more than words and sentences.

Episode Four: Why Would Prometheus Make a Good Mailman?

Lucy, Lucy and Caitlin discuss the rejuvenation of mythology in Madeline Miller’s Circe. Sleep-inducing tedium is replaced with a layered, meaningful representation of female empowerment.

Episode Five: Parlez-vous français?

Catriona and Katie take us through French author Julien Sandrel’s The Book of Wonders. This novel, with its focus on mother-son relationships, marathon running and late-night karaoke, deserves a place on your book-bucket list.

Episode Six: Have You Heard of…The Plague?

The wonderment continues as Ella, Ella, Robyn and Thea contemplate Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. Best friends and experienced podcasters Alfred and Alberto are in for a treat when a special guest visits the studio.

Episode Seven: What are Two Things You Shouldn’t Discuss at the Dinner Table?

Ellamay, Veronika and Olivia provide an entertaining, forensic analysis of Ian McEwan’s The Children Act. Faced with a plotline intertwining religion, politics, medicine and the law, it turns out the only easy decision is picking up this book and getting started.

Episode Eight: What do we Fear Most and Why?

We finish the season with literary non-fiction, as Erin and Yeryn investigate Any Ordinary Day, by leading Australian journalist Leigh Sales. From true stories of surviving natural disaster and terrorism we learn about the human traits of strength, hope and, unexpectedly, humour.