A lifelong love of learning

 Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
Anthony J. D’Angelo

As educators, we have an inherent love for learning, and understand the importance of keeping connected and abreast of relevant educational literature and progressive thinkers. What we aim to instil within our students we need to practice ourselves; to live and breathe learning. Our professional initiative uses a collaborative approach to connect with other educational leaders across Australia to gain an understanding of contemporary curriculum pedagogies and wellbeing initiatives. 

Recently, we were fortunate to be participants in The Leading Edge: Women in Education Conference which aims to inspire, provide insight and give practical strategies for proactive leadership. Channelling our inner-student, we partook in various challenges and activities that helped us to analyse and understand the current climate in which we operate, while reflecting upon our own behavioural and leadership style. We heard from experts in the field, ranging from education consultants to inspirational school leaders. Walking the same path that we pave for our Seymour girls every day, we reflected and set goals, and were inspired into action to fuel our passion; learning. 

So, Leading Readings was created. 

Leading Readings: A professional development group aspiring to broaden and engage with contemporary education practices.

It became our project to continue our lifelong learning journey in a way that engages us as learners in our preferred learning style whilst developing as thought leaders of education. Having a passion for knowledge and identifying what works for you is a process that we encourage our girls to follow, and through careful analysis of personal learning preference, an opportunity was identified to fulfil our own education desires whilst maintaining our professional community. 

Each session of Leading Readings is led by a member of the group who shares their learning, insights and implications of an educational book or literature reading. To gain a deeper understanding of the text, a group forum ensues where participants actively engage with the material showcased, and much like we aim to foster a culture of engaged discussion and analysis in our own students, we are active participants in the learning process. This experience equips us with the ability to transfer what we have learned as the student into what we can implement as the educator, supported and reflective of how contemporary research can be applied in our own educational context. 

By being our own creative and critical thinkers in launching the professional reading group, we are keeping connected and working collaboratively with educators nationally, embodying Seymour’s Learning Framework. It is these skills and approaches to learning that guide us and our staff in writing and delivering quality curriculum and rigorous learning opportunities; all with the aim for our students to develop a passion for learning so that they will continue to grow. 

Lauren Mazzarolo
Head of Department: Mathematics (Senior School)

Rachel McKee
Dean of Wellbeing (Middle School)