A formula for leadership

Below is a speech from our 2018 Head Girl, Anjana, given at the Year 5 Induction.

Reflect on each day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant, of compassion and love.

Good Morning sisters! It is an honour and a privilege to present at the Year 5 Induction. Of course, today the Year 5s are appointed as leaders of the McGregor Campus, which is most exciting! And I am here today to talk about leadership, and what leadership is to me.

Leadership is not measured by the quantity of titles nor the size of one’s trophies or medals or badges. It is measured by how you guide others to become leaders themselves. Our College’s motto, Crescam Ministrando, is the perfect embodiment of my perspective on how to live, due to the fact that leadership and service are naturally woven into my life from a young age. My dearest brother Ayngaran, who has a severe disability, is the testament to my strength of character. From my years of interaction with people with disabilities and their families, empathy and social intelligence have become instinctive to me, a second skin. Seymour College challenged me to enhance my strengths, whether it be improving the literacy skills of disadvantaged students in the student2student program, volunteering to feed the homeless at the Mary Magdalene Centre, or building birthing kits for women in Africa. On the other end of the spectrum, service is in the modest acts of listening and mindfulness: as a coach, team member, student, peer, and friend. Leadership is not only the big things, it is the little things too. It is greeting each other “good morning” or “hello”, it is checking on someone who is alone or sad, it is giving someone a warm smile. It is little acts of kindness that water the seeds of service that grows deep into its roots, and blooms and flourishes into the beautiful leader that every single one of you will become.

When I look upon this audience today, I don’t see seeds. I see trees. Every single one of you has the power to serve in leadership, even past the Seymour gates, the hedge, and the McMahon driveway! In Barr Smith Campus, our Principal, Mr Tutt established an acronym. E = K + D + C. Or excellence equals kindness + diligence + courage. In order to excel in life, one must be kind. And the best thing is, kindness is free!

Sisters, go forth with a kind heart, and I promise that one day, you shall be the one to plant this seed of thought in other young girls’ minds. Thank you.