2019: the year of Empowerment at Seymour College

2019 Head Girl, Emily and 2019 Deputy Head Girl, Chelsea have chosen to name 2019 The Year of Empowerment. This year, they challenge all Seymour girls to become their own definition of a strong woman: whether that be someone who excels in a particular area, has the confidence to use their voice or simply inspires those around them. It is Emily and Chelsea's goal to empower every girl at Seymour College this year, because they firmly believe that empowered women empower women.

As Emily explains:

Girls can do anything when they are determined and inspired; they will rise up in the face of an obstacle, instead of letting it daunt them. 

Emily discussed the reasoning behind the choice of Empowerment as the theme for 2019 during her speech at the Induction of the 2019 Year 12s:

Emily and Chelsea's Empowerment video was presented to staff and students during the first assembly of the College year.