At Seymour College, we believe it essential that all young people have a strong sense of connectedness: with peers, with the significant adults in their lives at school and at home, with their community and with the wider world in which they live.

The wellbeing program in our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools help students develop this sense of connection and provide them with the skills navigate their way through the inevitable pressures and challenges of today's world.

Aiming to provide a nurturing environment that develops the emotional intelligence of each of our students, our three sub-schools ensure personal support and recognition from all staff, with close contact from Form Teachers and Deans of Wellbeing, as well as additional support from Guardians at Years 8 and 9, and the Clan Guardians in our unique Clan system. This allegiance to a Clan, from Junior School on, promotes strong connections as the girls gain a sense of belonging through their contribution to their Clan.

A young person's wellbeing is both a school and a family responsibility. We have a whole school approach to wellbeing, with established programs, workshops and forums for students, as well as for parents. Our aim is to promote effective relationships and resilience through early intervention, with life skills and parenting skills to help ensure positive outcomes for emotional and physical wellbeing and for academic success.

To this end:

  • Our College Counsellors work closely with students, staff and parents to address the needs of each young person within our care
  • Personal Development is part of the total curriculum at Seymour College and is achieved through weekly lessons from specialist staff, covering emotional and physical health topics. The program is formally introduced in Reception and continues throughout the student's schooling.
  • A strong sense of citizenship is a focus at Seymour College. Through class meetings and small focus groups, the students recognise that their views are valued. Further, each class has a member on the Student Representative Council. The students are encouraged to participate in community activities within and beyond the College. Year level study tours with designated camp sites further enhance the social experience and pastoral care within the community - and are a lot of fun!

The Seymour culture has the common focus of developing young women to their full potential in both study and life. Our programs help Seymour students develop their knowledge of self, their emotional intelligence and their resilience to deal with life's challenges - today and into the future.