Structure and Facilities

Seymour College offers education from 6 weeks in the Seymour Early Years to Reception, and then in three sub-schools: Junior (Reception to Year 5), Middle (Years 6 to 9) and Senior (Years 10 to 12).

Seymour Early Years and Junior School are both on the McGregor Campus, and the Middle and Senior Schools are on the Barr Smith Campus.

Seymour College is committed to providing the best educational opportunities at every stage of its students' schooling, and each sub-school offers the curriculum, co-curriculum, resources and wellbeing focus best suited to the developmental and educational needs of its students.

The College offers an outstanding range of facilities, including:

  • A science centre – with specific purpose built Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories, as well as two general purpose science laboratories.
  • A Centre for Performing Arts - featuring a theatre with well-equipped green room, studios for percussion, band and orchestra/choir, plus nine individual music practise rooms (each with a recording/backing system).
  • A 700-seat assembly/function centre.
  • Two well-equipped Resource Centres.
  • A large Sports Centre including facilities for indoor basketball, netball, badminton, weights training, gymnastics and exercise.
  • A purpose built dance studio.
  • A purpose built Seymour Early Years building.
  • A heated swimming pool.
  • 10 outdoor sports courts.
  • Food Technology and Textile Rooms 
  • An oval for athletics, softball, soccer and hockey.
  • A Boarding House for 100 residential students from across Australia and the world, and with options for Weekly or Long Day Boarding.
  • Dining facilities and a canteen.
  • A Health Centre.
  • A dedicated bus service for Seymour Students. Click here for more information.